Condo in Kauai close to Medical Center

Kauai is the Garden Island of Hawaii State. This is one of the most beautiful place to live. There are many retirees from different parts of the mainland lived here.

We lived in a beautiful condo with  a heated pool and a regular swimming pool, recreation hall, library with Internet, gym, hobby room, etc.

We are moving to the Philippines because my family lives there. So we are renting our condo. The ads are available in Craiglist Kauai and in my squidoo page. Please visit the link :  ( $1597 / 2br - 660ft² - Condo by Medical Center (Lihue).

a view from our window


I am Whole again

Girls have I got news for you...My depression is gone!  I finally got the delivery of my breast prosthesis and I am Whole again.  Yippee.  Well you know how badly you all felt for me after my surgery.  I didn't want to bring you down.  Those who visited me in the hospital mostly  saw me AS MY HAPPY GO LUCKY SELF.  But you on this blog list who are amongst my best friends knew better.  I was sure that life, I especially mean my appearance to the opposite sex. 
As I wrote you the real breast website is terrific.  It only took a short time even with the customization they offered.  I am sad no more.  And it looks so real.  I can even ware all my sexist dresses, no matter how revealing they are, and I feel comfortable.  To prove it dear friends, I want you to come over for a pool party Friday night, just us girls on the best friends list.  You will be amazed.  Some of you may still be jealous of me!
And my depression is gone.  It may sound shallow to any of you who never had the need of
 a prosthesis, especially a breast prosthesis.  Believe me it is not...I was absolutely devastated after the removal.  My doctor said to try this first before going any anti depressant and was he ever right.

Basic Squidoo Tutorials

I made simple Squidoo tutorials for my friends who like to try this kind of online earning opportunity. It is also dedicated to those you are curious about it but they got the impression that Squidoo are too confusing. Well, I hope that you will find these tutorials helpful. If you have any problem, just leave a message below and I will try and see what can I do for you.

Here are my first five basic Squidoo tutorials:

If you want to explore more,  feel free to use the following: 

My blog www.alohagemsonline.com will keep you updated for upcoming tutorials. See you there!


Friends and Family

Guest post written by Kevin Beach

Moving away from my friends and family was really hard for me but when I got married I knew I didn’t really have a choice. My husband and I had actually been doing long distance for years and he lived in California and we would just fly back and forth every month or so to make it work. I found us a great house online that’s sort of outside of town and I’ve been getting everything together like calling the cable company and going to Http://Get.Wildblue.Com/ to see about internet. I don’t know a lot about being a wife but I tell him all the time that I’m learning and will continue to! I love him so much and it’s so great being in the same city but there are definitely times I really wish I was back home with my kin. I can’t imagine not seeing them several times a year so we’re just going to have to figure out how to make that work within our budget – maybe those can be gifts!

Find Dentist Easily

Hey Judy and Mike, let me tell you about this new dentist I got: he is the coolest.   His name is Mr Johncam  and he is from South Africa.  He has the nicest office I've ever been to.  After I moved here I didn't know where to go and then just tried the smilegeneration.com site. Wow.  They connect you with the best dentists who are committed to excellence and to giving everyone an exceptional dental experience. Smilegen is a very large network -- more dentists members than any other network.  Dr. Johncam told me that they do more crown work than any other dental group in the  whole country.

Good Dentists are hard to find. Now you ALL know that to find a Family Dentist, just go to smilegeneration.com.  I mean any type of dentist:  You can find dentists easily, speciality ones; even Orthodontist.  Thank God I am over that.  One thing I am never over is keeping away the drill as much as possible and the Hygeneist, Alice, does a great job on my cleanings and giving me specific tips to improve my dental self care

If any of you beside Judy or Mike try try thing, please let me know.
As for Judy and Mike you know that I expect a  report for my blog fans so get with it RIGHT NOW.

Manny Pacquiao Tshirts

I made few articles about our famous boxer Manny Pacquiao in Squidoo.
If you are looking forward to see some designs for your  idol, you can check these links out:

Manny Pacquiao Apparel

Manny Pacquiao: The Singing Boxer

Manny Pacquiao Posters


Sprint TEP app: Get if for Free While you still can

This post brought to you by Sprint. All opinions are 100% mine.


HTCEVOSHIFT_GCVS_settings menu.jpg (5 documents)
Hey Guys, most of us have Sprint so I want you to know that it is now time to get a free app to add to Sprint Total Equipment Protection App (TEP)!  This Cool New App Help Find Misplaced phones.  No more losing the phone and not knowing where it is or having someone steal your phone and losing all your contacts and stealing your information!
Also if that isn't enough,  Sync contacts, Remote wipe phone, Lock phone, or even sound and alarm.    I was up and running in just a few minutes at no additional cost! BUT it is free for another EIGHT (8) days or so only.  DO IT NOW and let me know what you think.  OK?
THIS MAKES MY LIFE MUCH EASIER.  I mean how many of you are tired of me complaining to you that I again lost my phone?  Here now I can use the new app with TEP and make my phone sound and alarm.
We gotta do more to be proactive in keep security of information on our phones.  Don't you agree?  If you do not do this and you lose your data with my info, you will be toast!

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Nawiliwili Harbor in Kauai, Hawaii Photos

Have you been to Hawaii?
Did you go further to Kauai?
Do you love sail boats?
Do you like fishing?

Take a trip to Nawiliwili Harbor see beautiful sailboats and enjoy the view of the ocean and mountains. I took so many pictures and uploaded it in my squidoo account. Visit

Nawiliwili Harbor in Kauai, Hawaii Photos


Straight Talk cuts my cellphone bills

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.


Calling all my friends:  You call a friend too.  My mom knows best, as I have told you a million times.  She never got caught up in annual contracts for cell service and everything you need is now available in her favorite format:  
  1. no contract 
  2. no credit check
  3. never any surprise extra on the bill
  4. no fee for activation deactivation or reactivation
Folks this is a no brainer now that Straight Talk is offering so many different plans and phones, including smart phones.
I am heading to the mall with my big savings. 
I not only cut my phone bill IN HALF but I feel better about my self that I am in control of my spending.
Unlimited Monthly service is only $45, and includes calls, text, picture messaging, and web.
The “All You Need Plan” meets even the needs of heavy phone users with 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 30 MB of web data.
Do it now!  you know it is the right way to save money! 
Watch one of the Real Straight Talk customer testimonials below.

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In Loving Memory of Jake

He went to heaven yesterday. I feel sad about losing him but it's time to go. He is a 15 years old miniature poodle dog and a three-legged dog. We love you Jake


The plus in Roamans.com plus size dresses

I have been buying large sizes all my adult life and I have never been more satisfied. Besides having a huge selection of styles going to 44w, these are the "extra Pluses" for me that I have learned to enjoy and expect from Roamans:

  1. The return privilege makes my shopping feel safe and easy. I know I can try things that might or might not work and it will not cost me an arm and a leg! They have a terrific system where I can pay a flat rate of six bucks plus change and drop it at any ups store or pick up location. for a dollar fifty more, they will come to my house to pick it up. AND there is NO writing for me to do: the return label is all printed and is included with your order. This offers me the service I want.
  2. Here is my "plus " number two: There are over thirty categories of plus size  dresses at Romans. You know about my big trip to the Caribbean. Well Bathing suits are one of the 30 categories. Others include sweaters, panties, denim, shoes, lingerie, special occasions, bras, etc etc. Just take a quick look at their site and you will see what i mean. Any way for fun in the sun in the Caribbean I had all I wanted and needed of everything at prices that still allowed me to enjoy my sunshine vacation.
Girls, you know I only go where customer satisfaction is assured. Roamans is no exception! I have found that they are perfect for gifts too. I can choose something and pick one of their perfect gift cards to go with it. Or somethings I use their gift card service, sent by them with a personalized note from me!


Disneyland memories: Pirates of the Caribbean

Pirates of the Caribbean is one my best memories at Disneyland in Los Angeles. It was my first time to visit the park. I went to different parks and fun that this Pirates is the best for me. I was really entertained from the moment I stepped in the car.boat.
People lining up were going to Pirates of the Carebbian park. Observe how many are they?


Zacapa, Truly fine premium Rum

This post brought to you by Diageo. All opinions are 100% mine.


Dear Web Family,
My wife and I have discovered the most delectable alcoholic treat.  "This is a real winner" says dear Shirley.  I say, It is a premium rum produced in a very special place in a very special way.
I will give you some details below but for those who can't wait, go directly to http://bit.ly/pvKdC9 .  Note: If you register there as we did, You will get free gifts and be eligible for prizes.  You know how we hate spam so be assured:  they have a strict privacy  policy and will not sell or rent your address ever.
This story is about a premium dark rum, an aged rum.  It produced with a process originated by the Spaniards 500 years ago to age sherry.  Every drop of Zacapa rum passes through several casks that previously housed American whiskey, Oloroso sherry and Pedro Ximenez wines. So each of these large vessels gives its own special character that helps give Zacapa premium rum its special taste.
Try this, you will like it.  You know we live in Hawaii where Sugar cane grows well.  The sugar cane fro Zacapa is grown many thousands of feet higher than here.  This means the rum is made more slowly and improves noticeably as a result.  Its made in haven they say.  We agree.

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Bonsai Tree Pictures Collections

I was lucky enough to live in the garden island (Kauai) Hawaii. We have different variety of plants here from orchids to bonsai. I loved living here. It is a great and popular destination for retirement and vacation.

I have more that 50 collections of bonsai pictures unique in the island. I took this photos during community celebration or festival. I love taking pictures its fun.

Sample Gallery
Enjoy watching Bonsai Tree Pictures Collections and don't forget to vote for your favorites.

The Steam Team carpet cleaning

The Steam Team at http://www.thesteamteam.com/austin-cleaning-services/upholstery.shtml is my number one choice for carpet cleaning ever since my fathers' store suffered fire damage in the Mid-1980's. Since then we have used them in cleaning and maintaining commercial and residential flooring, upholstery, air ducting, and even my mothers fancy marble tile foyer! .

My number one goal is to get customer satisfaction, and over the years the steam team has given me that. I now expect more than I ever did! If I am not completely satisfied, they will do whatever it takes to rectify the problem.

My entire family suggests calling them for a quote or to schedule an appointment anywhere in the larger Austin area. My friend recommended  terracotta tile cleaning austin.

How To Weave A Glass Holder

I was lucky enough to find someone to write a craft activity about recycling. She made a glass or tumbler holder out of white pages. I was amazed how she made it and become my favorite.

If you are looking for some recycling ideas, you might like to visit this site:

Recycle: How To Weave A Glass Holder

Great Deal on NET10 unlimited plan

This post brought to you by Net10. All opinions are 100% mine.


Aloha dear friends.  You know I have told you in the past about how good NET10 prepaid phone service is for me.  Now is the time to check it out and see the Light because they have an incredible new feature:  you can have UNLIMITED talk, text and data for only a flat 50 dollars a month.  And still no contract.  And no other fees, hidden or otherwise.
    The thing my wife Susan loves is that when we went away for the summer we switched to the minimum plan so we had phone for just our basic needs for less than 50 cents a day.  Susan says you can go back and forth each month and use the unlimited plan only when you think it will pay for you.
Plus now they have a wider selection of phones from 10 dollars for basic to 60 dollars for a brilliant smart phone.    You can go into any of the many stores or the site I mentioned above.  When you renew, you can do it from your own phone as well.  And of course the basic benefits of Net10 are there:  nationwide service, local and long distance calling at their low low prices.  No credit checks and no contracts.  Unused minutes do carry over.  If you want you can give them your existing number and use that, or get a new one.  Choice, That's what I love about Net 10
I was the  first in my family to go for the higher priced contracts. I rejoice now that I have been with Net 10 for four years.  I don't have the huge bills and unexpected fees and contracts you can't get out of unless you pay a fortune. The last time I did that it cost me 200 dollars and I was left with an expensive phone that I could not use. I am a real NET10 customer.

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Beautiful Sun Village in Kauai, Hawaii

It's very nice living in Kauai, it is almost paradise. There are many people coming here from all over world and  decided to stay here for good. The climate is good. People are fine. I love living here.

Finding the Perfect Scrubs

When I started working as a Care Assistant, I bought five pairs of scrubs in one of the stores here in our town.    During my first day of work, I saw some of my co-workers wore the identical scrubs. but not as nice a design as mine.  I am not so happy that I got five scrubs that will not be so useful for me. 
At my hospital I saw some of my co-workers had unique designs and styles of  scrubs, something that only they wore. I liked that. I asked them and they said to order online. They recommended http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/  for good quality and design scrubs. I placed my order online for discount scrub sets  and that gave me the best deal ever! I am glad I made the right decision. 
And girls, do you want to know the best part?  My husband Henry loves them and thinks I'm the greatest for both having unique designs and saving money at the same time.


Celebrating Christmas away from home

Christmas is supposed to be celebrated with joy and laughter, full of hope that somehow we can touch people's hearts.

In some cases, it is not. One good living example is celebrating Christmas miles away from home and to be more prĂ©cised, how our Overseas Filipino Workers pass this important day every year. 

  (continue reading...)


Walden University for my Masters Degree

I need to tell you of my excitement about enrolling at WaldenU.edu.  You know that I am working on the hospital psych ward as a nurse.  Now I am set to finish up my BA and then get a MASTERS Degree in psychology while still working!  And Walden University's online degree programs is one of the most experienced in "distance Learning"...My father's best friend went there over 40 years ago.  He said it is highly regarded besides being accredited.

If you want see and learn about Walden, visit its website.  I can get tuition aid and since I will still be working full time, it will be relatively easy to swing financially.  The best part of the program is all the ways they have for students and faculty to interact with each other.  It looks like the best of both worlds to me:  I will meet new people with my common interests, get the Degree I really want and then get started on my new career!  Later I plan to go for a Phd!!!

Educational Assistant work experience

First Year

as special education assistant

I was assigned to work with different teachers. All Educational Assistants (EA) should wait at the Special Ed bus stop area in the campus and then take good care of the assigned students to work with and the needs assistance. I worked with a boy with braces and a cane to help him walk. These are some of my routines: Continue reading......

image by: School Days by Spice
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