My Great Boss

I appreciate the guest post, Jamie Guy

My boss and I work really well together when it comes to making this business the best it can be. He spends a lot of time on the technical side of stuff like looking into t1 internet and dealing with accountants, while I spend a lot of time on the creative side of the business where do things like talk to vendors and think about the decor of the actual office itself. Together we make a really good team and he tells me all the time how ideas he scooped me up after my internship here. It's nice to feel like you are really appreciated where you work and I know that if I stay here for some years to come I might be able to become a partner in the business. Either way, I'm getting so much great experience that I wouldn't necessarily have gotten at this age otherwise so I'm just really thankful for this opportunity and I walked out with this awesome job. Also, having a great boss is half the battle!

Getting a Philippines Drivers License with a Hawaii License

I thought is it very hard to get a driver''s license here in Dumaguete, Philippines but I was able to get it in 5 hours! not in days, weeks and months. I remember my brother said, it took them 6 months to get there driver's license.

I showed my Hawaii Driver's License to the evaluator. She then, told me to photocopy my license and passport, then get a medical certificate. I loved that there accredited offices for the requirements nearby and I just have to walk few feet away. Of course, the waiting is not so long.

When I was done with all the requirements, I went back to the first evaluator again and then she gave me a form to fill in and I applied for Foreign Driver's License Conversion and it is not a professional one. I paid around Php 600  and got my license around 12 pm the same day!

Where is Alohagems?

alohagems is now in the Dumaguete City, Philippines. She is enjoying the city and getting familiar with this new place. She loved that there are plenty of activities here that anybody can participate or get involved with. Daily routine is essential for a good living. There is an aerobics free for public at the capitol area building every afternoon. The swimming pool is also open for public with Php 20 donation.

This is a city of gentle people. She has great neighbors that are fun to be with. She is still doing her online business and residual income activities.

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