Rentals in Edmonton

Hello dear net friends.  For those who did not see my tweets when we went from Calgary to Edmonton, here are the details:  We needed to check out rentals in Edmonton for Richard's mother.  You may remember that we got her all set up in Calgary but then her sister, Richard's aunt,  went on a long talking campaign to persuade her to return to Edmonton.
Well we are so pleased to report that rentals in Edmonton are EASY TO FIND!  In no time at all we knew the city like a native, which Richard sort of is but I am not.  St. Albert, Devon, Sherwood Park Redwood.  And Ten more.  It is so easy.  You can search on the net and let your fingers do the walking.  There are terrific pictures of the units for sale and for rent.  YOU can sort them by price or number of bedrooms of neighborhood.
Do be sure to let me know if you use the site.   I keep records you know and when we meet up for the family reunion in Toronto I'd really like to compare notes.  Richard wants us to help a local real estate office to use the same system and is succeeding!  Bye bye for now.

Car Sold!

Because we are moving, we tried to get rid of everything that we have. We already sold my new car 3 weeks ago for $13,300 Polar white Toyota Yaris 2009 model. Yesterday my husband's car was sold for $3, 600. It was a 2005 Chrysler  Convertible, with some damages due to minor accidents. There were three people interest and of course he went to the buyer with the great offer. For now, we have to worry about getting a tenant to rent our condo and a buyer for our 25 foot sailboat.


Need Money Fast?

Hey gals and guys...Here I go again...You know how I have help myself on the net financially with prepaid phones and other items.  Now I ask you:  Do you need a cash advance?  Read what I do when I need a cash advance.  You know how often I run short on cash!  Not that I don't have a lot of "stuff" God knows we all have cars, phones and everything we need.  But I just saw something I WANT.  And I don't get paid till the 15th of the month.

Not to worry...I will go to the cash store.  They are fast.  It took me only 15 minutes to get my first cash advance and now that they know me, it takes as little as FIVE  minutes.  My friend Sally also wrote in her blog the same time.  Please write ME and tell me what your experience is.

It may be a good idea to borrow when you do not need it so that when you do, it will be even faster.  They give you up to 2,000 dollars on a cash advance loan and as much as 25,000 dollars on a title loan.  They are very reliable and honest.  This is also a good way to improve that all important CREDIT SCORE.  Here is how that works.  Every time you borrow any amount (even small amounts) AND return it as promised, it adds to your credit score.  Doing it only a few time can make a big difference.

Selling Hubby's Car

We are moving and there are so many things to get rid off. I already sold my new car 2009 Polar White Toyota Yaris with less than 4,000 mileage. It was sold for $13,333.

My husband's car 2005 Chrysler convertible  is great. The price is $3,000 only. See pictures below:

Find this car in Craigslist: http://honolulu.craigslist.org/kau/cto/2621307992.html


Android on Straight Talk

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.


Guys and gals... You can take this to the bank.  Call a friend.  This is about Android on Straight Talk.  I giving you AGAIN the straight talk on Straight Talk... I know the details.  I have learned the details of their Hook, line and sinker .... That is to say, I know the ins and outs of this thing.
First, if you haven't discovered it yet, it is becoming more and MORE COMMON FOR US FRIENDS TO SWITCH AWAY FROM yearly contracts.  Or any contracts.   With straight talk I am never shocked at big bills that were unexpected.  They have a few different  plans and you  can switch among them as your needs change.  All kinds of  phone choices.  Data volume choice.  Of course texting included in all plans.
I saved 50% of my monthly bill and I am much happier knowing in advance what my phone service is costing me.
And this is terrific.  When I was starting I had a new question several times in the first month.  A free call got me a quick answer.  Speaking of free calls, THEY'S ALL FREE on straight talk in the US.

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A view from Our Window

I was just relaxing at our masters bedroom and noticed something white from a distance. I took my camera and got this beautiful picture of a cruises ship leaving the Garden Island of Hawaii. USA. It is very nice leaving here. You can see the ocean in one side and if you just moved your body a little bit and you can see mountains.

Would you like to see some pictures? Check it out at my squidoo library.

Irish Wedding Ring Shop

Hello again jewelry lovers.  Here in this Blog I am going to tell of a unique opportunity to make our wedding really special by adding an Irish wedding ring!   What is that you ask?  Viking, Celtic and Irish love themes are executed in the finest work you can imagine.  They do it all in Ireland and the  prices are moderate.  As always I hope you will write me if you buy any thing here.  They also have mens cuff links and other items for both men and woman.

Shopping on  this site brings to mind wonderful modern and ancient Irish culture.   Proud of its past, including druid, viking and celtic, kings queens and warriors, both real and mythical  the work is beautiful.  It is done by  Irish Heart designers all living in Ireland and working from their studios throughout the country. Some are multi-award winners and some have yet to win their first award. All are registered with the Crafts Council of Ireland. They are inspired by their surroundings, their heritage and their own creative spirit.  Girls, as customers, we have the opportunity to purchase a unique piece of wearable art.

The truth is that this site is mouthwatering in its beauty and richness of cultural art.  Visit it even if you do not need any jewelry...be careful though, you may change your mind!
Don't forget to write me. 

Lime Hibiscus flower Black Tshirt

I just wanna take this opportunity to thank a customer who bought this shirt from my zazzle store. Thank you Michael of Honokaa, HI for liking this product. It makes me more proud about my Hawaiian icons products.


Carbonit computer Backup

This post brought to you by Carbonite. All opinions are 100% mine.


Carbonite Online Backup
Hey Guys and gals... You blog readers know the need for good back up and most if not all of you know of Carbonite... WELL,  If you haven't tried it yet,  I have a "CODE" for you that is worth two full months of their famous back up.  It is "blogad"   True.  ANYONE signing up who uses that code will get two months free.
For my rare readers who might possibly know all the ins and outs of online back up, let me sing its praise:  Carbonite unlimited online backup works automatically and continually in the background backing up files whenever your computer is connected to the Internet. Plus, you can access your backed up files from any computer or on your smartphone or iPad with a free Carbonite app.
Unlimited computer backup for your PC or Mac, with anytime-anywhere-access is only $59 a year. Try it free for 15 days, no credit card required, and then get two free months if you decide to buy.
You know why I use it... I have told you of the horrors of losing data/photos/music.  AND it happens to everyone to a greater of lesser degree; some time some where IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU.

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Abaya Clothing

My sister is working in Saudi Arabia and provided me good information about Abaya Clothing for Muslim Women. I made a great post with videos and different design and its resources at my squidoo library. Please visit this link and enjoy reading, watching and shopping if you like. 

Image: Salma Abaya

Calgary apartments

Hey Aloha you Northerners in Canada who want to rent an apartment in Calgary, Alberta.  We have news for you.  There is now this great site   http://www.rentcalgary.com/ that takes the drudge work out of rental housing hunting.   Yes it is true.  With pictures and detailed pictures and lots for comparisons you can spend just a few minutes and get the lay of the land so to speak.   You can select the Southeast Northeast or any of 15 distance areas in Calgary...Don't all stamped at once but let us know if you use the site. 

Our Friend Margaret just moved north and used rent calgary and is extremely happy in her new digs.  Her unit is a condo in a renovated grand old house.  It has 3000 sq ft and heated floors (you know you want that here). It has a dedicated parking space in a GARAGE.  Pets are allowed.  She is right at the river and has a very bright light exposure.  With such a large place, she is welcoming guests. So, even if you don't stamped, email us and we can talk Alberta visitation!
Don't also forget to visit Calgary apartments for rent website.

I'm gonna lose small car

Yes, guys. Sad but true. Polar White Toyota Yaris 2009 model was my first car ever. I got it 2 years ago as of this time the mileage is less than 4,000 miles (3,745 miles) to be exact.

We are moving to another country. That is the main reason. I love this car so much that I always take good care of it. I don't drive often. Just 5 minutes drive to work everyday. We are selling it for $13,875 and it is now on craigslist.com There are so many interested buyers since my car is quite new and cute.


Divorce Lawyer for Men

 In my recent divorce I got representation that was from a firm specializing in MEN.  I got very level-headed advice and there is a big difference between him and my wife’s attorney who is much more emotional.  Hey Fellas, You may or may not know the lock that woman have had in family courts for decades.  Cordell and Cordell change that!
They did an outstanding job representing me and protecting my interests. And it was a Gal doing it.  I am stoked that my kids will have me as a real dad with read custody.   She consistently offered me the personal attention  I am truly impressed with her legal knowledge, attention to detail, and the ability to address complex situations quickly. Cordell & Cordell is a fantastic law firm. Thanks again for the great service!" 
You blog readers remember my sad saga of divorce...there have been THREE in my past.  I've told you all the Gorey details before.  Now I am happy to be finished with my last one and can really see the difference in the attitude of this firm that I am telling you about. Read their book and watch their video.  You will see what I am talking about here.   


Free Halloween Spider Alphabet

I made the whole set of alphabet spider font. I download it from dafont.com. Edited (resize and color) it though Microsoft paint. If you like some more free alphabet just visit my squidoo lens about

                     Free Halloween Spider Alphabet 


Hundreds of Plus size Halloween Dress

Oh God Girls...do I have news for you. If you remember my dear little sis and I sometimes, not note I did say sometimes to go to the net for plus size outfits for special occasions. Well for this year I hope I am not too late to tell you where you can get the very best selection of costumes for Halloween.

Plus Size Halloween Costumes in the Hundreds! Yes, I did say hundreds. Queen of darkness. Queen of light, Queen of the Fairies. Queen of the sixties. Queen of many many things. Also: Flower child. Pirates, Little red riding hood. Sixties themes. Maid. Dress up or Dress down, you have HUNDREDS of choices. And the sizes go to w44! They have stuff for your guy too! This year don't mess around. Get him dressed too and have fun at a party. They have a special right now at woman within giving ten dollars off of any order over $25.00. As always, I need you to tell me if you have anything other than a great experience if you follow my blog on this.

Aloha to the Land of Promise

Mindanao, Philippines is called the Land of Promise. I am from Davao Oriental part of Southern Mindanao. I am currently living in Hawaii, United States.

We are moving  back to the Philippines of good. From Aloha Islands to the Land of Promise is my blog entry for Pinoy Expats/OFW Blog awards to honor Filipinos around the world. If you like to know more about my entry, please visit that link.


Making a good first impression

Hey girls.  Here is the ticket to help your guy go in style, or for you to go in style yourself.  Chicago Limo Rentals met us at the airport in NEW YORK when we visited Branden and Carolyn last week.  You may remember these are our friends from money from way way back.  Like the Mayflower!  It was not just the convince and luxury of a meet and greet at the airport.  The company is called Pontarelli
 and our friends' parents have been using them since before Roberto was born in 1980!
As I said, they go beyond the my standard meet and greet by actually helping in assisting through the hassles of modern day airports and out to the car.  The thing is that you guys in Chicago get to call them locally there and then you can call them for just about anywhere in the world that we may go...I mean EVERY MAJOR CITY IN THE US and even in the world is covered.  You all know the importance of that first impression.  Instead of your guests (or ourselves...smile) being greeted by a less than fastidious person, often even grungy, Pontarelli had employees of the highest quality and they LOOK IT.
Besides my satisfaction with their improving the airport experience, They have an incredible variety of vehicles and services available .  I mean how about a Luxurious limo bus for your next trip fund raiser to the Santa Fe ski slopes.  More later...but please please do tell me how you find their service. and remember, tell your guys or gals in business that this is the best way to make a good first impression.


Preparing for Halloween

It is only September but the spirit of Halloween is already in the air. My friends are already preparing and writing articles about Halloween for their blogs.

My co workers are already planning for Halloween decorations in their respective classrooms. Our neighbors are already planning for Halloween party as well as costumes for the whole family. What about me? I did not articles about Halloween that you might like:


Great Steam Cleaning Team

I need to tell you and all your blogger friends about aunt Ellen.  She and her daughter were sewing an elaborate costume this years 33rd annual Halloween festival party.  There was a TRAGEDY!  Mellisa accidentally allowed the extra fabric to catch fire.  It happened because of that darn  Monster built in barbeque grill MONSTROSITY of Davids! 
Before anyone was aware of the fire, it had jumped to the wooden frame of the grape arbor.  Well I tell you, Thank God for Austins great fire dept!  They were here in a flash and the structural damages to the hours was very limited.  BUT, My Lord the Carpets and drapes looked and smelled like they had had a visit to the lower reaches, if you know what I mean.
It was only a very short time before that great steam cleaning team at http://www.thesteamteam.com/ had the water damage insurance adjuster agree to their service and fire water damage restoration austin was never so good or fast restoration.  You know dear bloggers, I have Lilly Langford to thank for the steam team.  Have any of you tried them yet?  The carpet and drapes look like brand new and the fire smell (oy vey!) was completely eliminated!
Thank you again dear Lilly Langford


Sad to let go our camping stuffs

We are moving and we are selling our family camping gears. It's a little be sad and moving to my home country is a great thing and it is not practical to carry all these stuffs. I think it cost least $500 but we are selling it for only $199.