Serious Car Problem Solved David and Goliath Style!

Shainfeld and Anvar, Lemon Law attorneys in California have really got it together! Dear Blog friends, this is a must for you to remember any time you get an auto "lemon".  And if there is a recall, check this out...This is for you, your family and anyone you know. The two guys I name above are attorneys and they have a NATIONWIDE SERVICE. They help people who have serious problems with their cars.

 Here is how it works: The California Lemon law lawyers have a great easy to use web site at www.mylemonlawcenter.com.  You just file simple case information there and they get back to you within 24 hours with an attorney telling you what to do.  This is really a chance of the little guy to go after the auto manufacture. It is a David and Goliath kind of thing.  My family and most people I know can not afford to hire an expensive lawyer to fight an auto company. They have the biggest and best. NOW IT IS DIFFERENT.

The California Lemon Law attorneys ONLY CHARGE YOU if you win. So it cost nothing to get your case heard by these top attorneys. As always, with our advice, we use it ourselves and we ask you to give us your feedback. If you try them please let us know the results. Happy hunting to you.


Love my family

Guest written by our friend Donnie Donovan 

I love my family, I really do, but living with them is driving me crazy. From picking a direct TV to watch to what to make for dinner to having to wait on more hot water for the shower, there are just too many darn people in this house. When I was young my parents decided to have as many kids as they naturally could and that’s made 11 of us – yeesh. That’s way too many people in this little 4 bedroom house which means that when I had to move back home after college I had to share a room with my two teenage sisters. I love my siblings and they’re all great people but there are just too many opinions and voices at any one time when you’re home at this house. I love being a part of a big family but I sure could do without LIVING with one, if you know what I mean…that’s where things get dicey. Hopefully in a couple of months I’ll have enough saved up to get my own place.


Junk Service in Texas

1800gotjunk.com just saved our marriage.  If you are a regular reader of this blog you know that my wife Marie May and I have the neatest relationship.  We do love each other tremendously AND she is a pack rat.  Yes it is true. Extra shoes.  Extra hand bags.  Extra shelves.  You get the idea...When we need a new something (anything)  we save and get it and are happy with it.  Yes it is true that we do get needed "stuff"  The problem is that we do not throw out the old stuff. 
First there is a small pile in the corner.  Then it gets to be a big pile.  Then it goes to the storage closet.  That gets full and then it goes to the garage.  That gets full,THEN WE CALL Bellaire Junk removal.   They are very professional.  They arrive in a team of two in uniform and with their official truck.  Then they give us an upfront instant quote on how much it will cost to have them take it all away.
It is fast and simple and VERY INEXPENSIVE.  They recycled, sell, give away or properly dispose of all materials in the legal and moral manner that we would do ourselves, If Marie May would only let me!


Automobile Insurance

Aloha dear blog friends, especially those outside of the United States.  This is about the best and cheapest and fastest way to get good automobile insurance.  Just visit Americancarqoutes.com.  This is the site that can get you entrance in to a whole world of different insurance companies trying to COMPETE FOR YOUR MONEY.  The competition makes for better value and lower prices for you and your loved ones.
Here is how it works.  American Car Qoutes has you fill out one simple form.  Then they submit it to many many many different companies.  The companies see what your history is like; How your driving record is;  What your age and gender are.  Different companies have lower rates  for some types of drivers and higher rates for others.  It is extremely complicated but not with americancarquotes. 
You can learn much more about insurance at their site.  For example do you know the definition of liability insurance and collision insurance and comprehensive coverage.  It is in your interest to learn more and take advantage of the site.  My cousin Matilda Johnson did and now she is an expert!  LOL.  Anyway she and her boyfriend Samuel adamsky say they  now have the lowest insurance costs of anyone in our extended family.  Please let us know if you try this site.  Tell us what you think.  OK? 


Mathematics Humor by Charles Darwin

I have just made this poster for mathematics teachers and students who love math quotes. This is all about Charles Darwin's famous quotes about Mathematicians. I hope it entertains you and inspires you.

A mathematician is a blind man in a dark room looking for a black cat which isn't there. 

The Best Baby Carriers

Hello Dear Blog Readers.  I have found a great site for new moms and dads.  Or for those expecting.  It is all about baby carriers.  You can find the best baby carriers at  http://babycarriers.com/

This is an unusual site in that it seems non commercial.  It is VERY informative about baby carriers.  It has a very interesting page about the difference in Eastern and Western culture.  The site seems to be produced by us bloggers!  It is so user friendly.  For example,  instead of advertising the best features of a particular brand, it lists FORTY SEVEN  different manufactures and gives a quick overview of the type of carrier available from each different manufacturer. 
The site also lists accessories that are available for the parents who use baby carriers.  When I was growing up, there were only wheeled strollers and carriages.  Now we have the best baby carriers:  They hold the baby close to the parent.  There is a great discussion on the site about the difference in philosophy of keeping the baby facing you or facing outward toward the world.  We do not live in a global village.  There are vast differences in societies and this great little site gives a down to earth description of some basic differences.  This site can really help parents MAKE GOOD DECISIONS.


Nursing Scrubs on Sale

Aloha Gals and Guys too!  You know that I have worked at Wilcox Hospital in their long term care facility.  I know my scrubs!  There are now nursing scrubs on sale.  I was always looking for the best value while still having good style.  Living in Hawaii we are blessed with great weather...Of Course.  So I was able to wear my scrubs everywhere.  Having nursing scrubs on sale is a real blessing too.  There are tremendous selections to choose from.  The best thing is to get on their mail list then take advantage of close outs and specials.  They have these from time to time and it saves a bundle. 
Blue Sky offers scrubs for just about anyone.  They are ALL handmade of the great quality fabrics. These are by far the highest quality and come in a largest variety of colors that I have ever found in my years working in the medical field. 
The selections they offer are real head turners.  They are a Luxury item that you can afford. Just visit http://www.blueskyscrubs.com/categories/Scrubs/Scrubs-for-Men  


Plus Size Maternity Clothes

Aloha girls.  Here is my tip for the week.  My sister is pregnant (in her 8th month, God I can't wait till it is over! Smile.)  Well she found this great site for plus size maternity clothes. 

My sister is hard to please.  Some of you have met Joanna Marie.  You Know! Well she reports that she is super pleased with this site  URL. They have SO MUCH VARIETY.

In each category there a  big selection of various priced clothing items.  Her husband loves the prices and I love the look.  So does her admirers.  Everybody has commented.  For example her colleague friend Louise McMillian say her bathing suit just last week and said that she was struck how good my sister looked.

I mean truly you can't go wrong.  In looking for plus size maternity clothes you sometimes have to put up with less than pleasing customer service.  At Onestopplus.com the service is friendly and efficient.  When my sister had to return something that did not work for her, they took it back with absolutely no questions asked.

We are going to have a final baby shower for her and I am getting her a gift certificate for plus size maternity clothes from this site. I know she will be happy.


Sports Apparel for Big and Tall

Aloha dear big and tall shoppers.  You know from my blog that my family is full of sports fanatics and some really huge guys and gals.  Well here is all you need to know for shopping for them.  King size direct has EVERYTHING in licensed team official sports wear.
Big and tall sizes are available in their holiday offerings.  Also in sleep wear, outer wear, underwear, active wear, and special clearance items.  Guys and Gals, I want you to know that our friend chuck and Linda swear by this business.  They are honest and easy to use.  We have gotten even special items made to order for lesser known teams.  And for customer service, they can not be beat.  Sister in Law Marilyn bought a lots of stuff last Christmas and was happy. Then her BIG son had a zipper problem with his Dallas Cowboys outer wear item (a really cool warm up jacket).  They got service with a smile and a new jacket in record short time.
As always, we want you to contact us with your experience if you use them or even if you don't.  We love to tell you about special places to get MAXIMUM VALUE.  KING SIZE DIRECT qualifies as one of the best we have found in ages.


Upgrade to Master License

Dear Roy and other marine bloggers. You have been asking for help in getting a bigger license as a professional charter boat captain. I NOW HAVE IT FOR YOU! This system is the best. You can upgrade to 25, 50 or 100 ton license. This is based on you having your existing OUPV license ( the so called Six - pack).

This course is for those who wish to upgrade their existing OUPV License (Six pack.) This can get you a master Captain's License. This License is the one you want Roy. It allows to run the Cornellia Marie with seven or more paying people!! You will make lots of money.

Roy and my other blogger marine friends, this course is for you because it is new and just for "non studiers" you do have work to pass of course. But it is designed to be natural. It is a natural way of learning. Seamanship, fire prevention, navigation and life saving and survival skills at sea are some of the important topics. Go for it guys and gals. This may be your big chance to make big money in the future as a Charter Boat Captain. Please blog us back to let us know what your experience is?


San Antonio Teeth Whitening

Texas friends will be happy to hear about Gloria Santabalo. You will remember she is our friend who was single until recently. In a confidential memo that we can now reveal we now know that she attributes her marriage to Dr. Moore, her dentist! Yes it is true. Her teeth were less than perfectly white and she felt bad about her smile.  And you may remember from our photo gallery of San Antonio friends she has a great wide WIDE big smile. She was really happy to have 33smile.com, a San Antonio Invisalign company.

In the case of Gloria, she felt so much better about herself after her teeth whitening by Dr. Moore that she caught her man. That is what she swear to us. We do not doubt it. We know that she is a goodhearted woman who wanted to be married very much. This was just the little push and prop for her self confidence to get her out and about where she met her man. She is a big believer in Dr. John Moore, DDS.

My husband Jake and I are planning to schedule an appointment for teeth whitening before thanksgiving . We are having a big family reunion! Family from all over will gather and we want to put our best smile forward.If you are trying to find the best dentist in Texas, to whiten your teeth look no further than 33smile to get the best Teeth Whitening San Antonio has to offer.  Let us know your experience.

Short Stays Apartment in Melbourne

Dear Blog Friends.  Please note this new information about Stays in Melbourne, Australia.  This is mainly for my business friends and those who travel frequently.  You can find a lot more value for your money whenever a short stay apartment is called for you using  Melbourne corporate apartments.

If you or you husband or his business mates ever has the need of short stay apartments you can not beat this well established company.  They offer so many features.  The most important thing is that they are equal or better than other services in Melbourne:   They offer great prices and really the very best values.   Melbourne Corporate Apartments offers answers for every financial need.  They have over 40 building locations.  As an extra service for making the right extra special  impression you can use their professional Personal "meet and greet service".  Some of their units come with Fully equipped kitchens.  Basically you are getting clean WELL LOCATED apartments that are 50% larger BUT 40% cheaper than serviced apartments in Melbourne and hotel accommodations.

 You can see a long list of features that hey offer at their web site.  One thing we know from personal experience is that they have a 24/7 emergency repair service IN ADDITION TO WHAT EVER THE APARTMENT BUILDING OFFERS.  This feature was really important for our fiend Franklin Oppenheimer.  He was so happy in his apartment arranged for thru Melbourne Corporate Apartments UNTIL the telephone stopped working because of a water leak from the roof.  The building maintenance was off on holiday but the Melbourne Corporate Apartments  were there in a remarkable short time.  The corporate maintenance staff responded with in minutes and had the   problem fixed in no time!


Best Golf Prices in Hawaii

This post brought to you by One Wave Designs. All opinions are 100% mine.


Golf Buddies!  Here is the best way to explore and enjoy Hawaii great golf courses.  Par Hawaii Golf discounted tee times makes it more affordable and more convenient.  My wife kept bugging me to stop driving around and calling around to find a tee time that worked for me.  This meant it had to be on a scheduled time that worked with my schedule and not at the high published rates.  My friend at the Real Estate developer does not care about the costs.  I do.
Planning a trip here to our home island? If so, browse Hawaii Golf by island and plan your tee times in advance.  Most of our friends visit us here in Kauai for only a few days.  They may spend a week or more on the other islands during the course of that trip.  Now they can plan out a great golfing vacation at the courses they want and search the individual islands they will be coming to.
Par Hawaii Golf's helpful FAQ section answers every single questions my friends have.  Try it and I promise you too will be satisfied.  Please let me know if you find any answer that I have give you are not correct.  OK?  See you  to the 19th hole.
Par Hawaii Golf Discount Tee Times

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Nursing Pin Resources

Hey Hello Aloha My dear blog friends. You know that my sister Beatrice is a nurse and we just got her a pin but not just any pin. It is bright and well designed and very colorful. We are so proud of her. Nursing pins are just one thins available where we got thins one. They also have cause bracelets.

Now Beatrice is just studying for her test and we hope she passes on her first try. Having the pin is an inspiration to her. She has completed her studies and is not taking the recommended Test preparation course. All the participants are also wearing nursing pins. They study so hard! And it is for good reasons too. Having a nursing job is a highly desirable professional career path. You need to work hard and it is not always clean or tidy work. But it is VERY NEEDED WORK Anyone proudly wearing a nursing pin is to be congratulated.

Beatrice is visiting here for one more day and then she will return to her home town to complete her test preparation course. I know that you, my friends wish her well too. Do any of you have nurses in your circles of family and friends and colleagues? If so let me know if they too proudly wear nursing pins.


Antique Dart Mug

I made this product in 2009 and I someone purchased it today from my Zazzle store.
antique dart mug
antique dart by alohagems
Create a cheap personalized beer mug at Zazzle


ZWCAD Engineering Software






Author: Dorsey Velasquez

I’m on a new kick these days – photography. I know it’s all the rage lately. The beautiful, creative, natural-light photography that puts the Olan Mills portraits of the 80’s to shame. As it should be. In between paying bills, thesis writing, and attempting to shop for energy to save some money in this arctic weather, I’ve been hitting up several photography blogs for inspiration. I got my DSLR for Christmas, but it’s taken me a week or so to build up the courage to use it. Now, I can’t stop. I’ve learned several new terms: aperture, bokeh, ISO, shutter, look at me go! Don’t ask me what any of those mean - I just know the button on the camera I should press. I’m super-inspired by Anthropologie catalogs and the lighting and minimaliststaging they use. Who has a few vintage suitcases and an old globe lying around? I’m hoping to coax my family into letting me take their Christmas pictures next year – that gives me about ten months to become a pro. Say cheese!


Girls Necklaces

Aloha dear girl friends and some you guys too.  I have news for anyone who likes girls necklaces...and isn't that just about all of us?  There is GREAT shopping on the web now.  Prices better than the big discount stores.  I was just shopping there and I got so many things FOR LESS THAN TEN DOLLARS.  You must check this out.  They have guys things too and other great gift and personal items too.  But for me the girls necklaces are the best for both price quality and overall value. 
At our last party, Judy Johnson and her brother-in-law came to pick up me and Tammy Fe Smithington.   Wow did they have good looking jewelery on.  Naturally since I was complimenting it, We got to talking about prices and where to purchase things easily that have good value.  Well I am here to tell you that Judy Johnson is the most popular girl in Tungsten High school year of 2013.  When she has the new things, I want to be next!
I found girls jewelry of all types but the necklaces were extraordinary in variety and value. And the web site is simplified and easy to navigate.  Even my colleague friend Elizabeth Martinson  said that she shopped there.  Like always,   Please text me if you try out any of these suggestions.  I am keeping a record and will let everyone in the group know  what the results are.  Are you with me?


Couples Halloween Costumes

Aloha girl friends, and you guys too. It is that time of year again for dress up in a funny or dramatic Halloween costume. I and my hubby went to a party last year in completely different themed costumes. I was not happy because I saw how great Sally and Robert Coststauski looked in their couple costumes. That is what we will do this year. And I have just the place to find the perfect Halloween costume for couples: it is called Halloween costumes for couples.

 We are going as pirates. They have such a good selection of pirate costumes. It looks like Hollywood! Robert was down in the Caribbean last summer for his job and he has some real life additions for the costumes. He has a treasure map that is a copy of a handwritten originals. REALLY. We don't think there is any gold left there but at the Halloween party we will be handing out copies and seeking a sponsor to underwrite the trip. We hope some of you will show up and join us too.

 If you wont to look really good this year do as we are going to do. Do not bother the haunt and scrape the basement and attic. Instead buy on line and get it soon. We are inviting all of you to have a pre party showing at our house on the NIGHT BEFORE HALLOWEEN! Don't dress up or use make up. Instead come on over and we will all get to see the costume you will wear at the party. This will be a great (and very private) pre party. We will be showing the treasure map.


Interior of Hunter 25 sailboat in Kauai Hawaii

We are selling out boat because we are moving to the Philippines. I love this boat hunter 25 feet.  It's on craigslist now. http://honolulu.craigslist.org/kau/boa/2634773228.html . I hope you'll like it! 


How to use TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo

This post brought to you by TRESemmé. All opinions are 100% mine.


Aloha Girls.  My Wednesday shampoo monthly group has great news.  We have been trying TRESemmé Fresh Start Dry Shampoo since last month as reported on my blog.  Well, here is the news:  It is terrific when you follow the how to use directions carefully. 
For example:  I shake vigorously before use and in between spray bursts.  It helps that I have my favorite music on.  Smile.  Then lift sections of dry hair and spray lightly at roots.  Get right to the bottom!   Be sure to spray in short bursts, holding 8-12 inches from your head.  Remember NOT to spray it like hair spray.  So NOT all over and continuously.  Then  leave in for 1-2 minutes.  Take a break! Now you can use your fingertips or a brush to distribute product evenly
Claudia is always having trouble:  when clogging occurs, remove nozzle and rinse the nozzle under warm water, then reattach.
At the party we discussed how TRESemmé Fresh Start  DRY is line of dry shampoos that revive your style’s look and feel on days you skip a shampoo.
The experts saw it is uniquely formulated to absorb excess oil and remove odor, the full line of dry shampoos rejuvenates hair without a drop of water.

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Rentals in Edmonton

Hello dear net friends.  For those who did not see my tweets when we went from Calgary to Edmonton, here are the details:  We needed to check out rentals in Edmonton for Richard's mother.  You may remember that we got her all set up in Calgary but then her sister, Richard's aunt,  went on a long talking campaign to persuade her to return to Edmonton.
Well we are so pleased to report that rentals in Edmonton are EASY TO FIND!  In no time at all we knew the city like a native, which Richard sort of is but I am not.  St. Albert, Devon, Sherwood Park Redwood.  And Ten more.  It is so easy.  You can search on the net and let your fingers do the walking.  There are terrific pictures of the units for sale and for rent.  YOU can sort them by price or number of bedrooms of neighborhood.
Do be sure to let me know if you use the site.   I keep records you know and when we meet up for the family reunion in Toronto I'd really like to compare notes.  Richard wants us to help a local real estate office to use the same system and is succeeding!  Bye bye for now.

Car Sold!

Because we are moving, we tried to get rid of everything that we have. We already sold my new car 3 weeks ago for $13,300 Polar white Toyota Yaris 2009 model. Yesterday my husband's car was sold for $3, 600. It was a 2005 Chrysler  Convertible, with some damages due to minor accidents. There were three people interest and of course he went to the buyer with the great offer. For now, we have to worry about getting a tenant to rent our condo and a buyer for our 25 foot sailboat.


Need Money Fast?

Hey gals and guys...Here I go again...You know how I have help myself on the net financially with prepaid phones and other items.  Now I ask you:  Do you need a cash advance?  Read what I do when I need a cash advance.  You know how often I run short on cash!  Not that I don't have a lot of "stuff" God knows we all have cars, phones and everything we need.  But I just saw something I WANT.  And I don't get paid till the 15th of the month.

Not to worry...I will go to the cash store.  They are fast.  It took me only 15 minutes to get my first cash advance and now that they know me, it takes as little as FIVE  minutes.  My friend Sally also wrote in her blog the same time.  Please write ME and tell me what your experience is.

It may be a good idea to borrow when you do not need it so that when you do, it will be even faster.  They give you up to 2,000 dollars on a cash advance loan and as much as 25,000 dollars on a title loan.  They are very reliable and honest.  This is also a good way to improve that all important CREDIT SCORE.  Here is how that works.  Every time you borrow any amount (even small amounts) AND return it as promised, it adds to your credit score.  Doing it only a few time can make a big difference.

Selling Hubby's Car

We are moving and there are so many things to get rid off. I already sold my new car 2009 Polar White Toyota Yaris with less than 4,000 mileage. It was sold for $13,333.

My husband's car 2005 Chrysler convertible  is great. The price is $3,000 only. See pictures below:

Find this car in Craigslist: http://honolulu.craigslist.org/kau/cto/2621307992.html


Android on Straight Talk

This post brought to you by Straight Talk. All opinions are 100% mine.


Guys and gals... You can take this to the bank.  Call a friend.  This is about Android on Straight Talk.  I giving you AGAIN the straight talk on Straight Talk... I know the details.  I have learned the details of their Hook, line and sinker .... That is to say, I know the ins and outs of this thing.
First, if you haven't discovered it yet, it is becoming more and MORE COMMON FOR US FRIENDS TO SWITCH AWAY FROM yearly contracts.  Or any contracts.   With straight talk I am never shocked at big bills that were unexpected.  They have a few different  plans and you  can switch among them as your needs change.  All kinds of  phone choices.  Data volume choice.  Of course texting included in all plans.
I saved 50% of my monthly bill and I am much happier knowing in advance what my phone service is costing me.
And this is terrific.  When I was starting I had a new question several times in the first month.  A free call got me a quick answer.  Speaking of free calls, THEY'S ALL FREE on straight talk in the US.

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A view from Our Window

I was just relaxing at our masters bedroom and noticed something white from a distance. I took my camera and got this beautiful picture of a cruises ship leaving the Garden Island of Hawaii. USA. It is very nice leaving here. You can see the ocean in one side and if you just moved your body a little bit and you can see mountains.

Would you like to see some pictures? Check it out at my squidoo library.

Irish Wedding Ring Shop

Hello again jewelry lovers.  Here in this Blog I am going to tell of a unique opportunity to make our wedding really special by adding an Irish wedding ring!   What is that you ask?  Viking, Celtic and Irish love themes are executed in the finest work you can imagine.  They do it all in Ireland and the  prices are moderate.  As always I hope you will write me if you buy any thing here.  They also have mens cuff links and other items for both men and woman.

Shopping on  this site brings to mind wonderful modern and ancient Irish culture.   Proud of its past, including druid, viking and celtic, kings queens and warriors, both real and mythical  the work is beautiful.  It is done by  Irish Heart designers all living in Ireland and working from their studios throughout the country. Some are multi-award winners and some have yet to win their first award. All are registered with the Crafts Council of Ireland. They are inspired by their surroundings, their heritage and their own creative spirit.  Girls, as customers, we have the opportunity to purchase a unique piece of wearable art.

The truth is that this site is mouthwatering in its beauty and richness of cultural art.  Visit it even if you do not need any jewelry...be careful though, you may change your mind!
Don't forget to write me. 

Lime Hibiscus flower Black Tshirt

I just wanna take this opportunity to thank a customer who bought this shirt from my zazzle store. Thank you Michael of Honokaa, HI for liking this product. It makes me more proud about my Hawaiian icons products.


Carbonit computer Backup

This post brought to you by Carbonite. All opinions are 100% mine.


Carbonite Online Backup
Hey Guys and gals... You blog readers know the need for good back up and most if not all of you know of Carbonite... WELL,  If you haven't tried it yet,  I have a "CODE" for you that is worth two full months of their famous back up.  It is "blogad"   True.  ANYONE signing up who uses that code will get two months free.
For my rare readers who might possibly know all the ins and outs of online back up, let me sing its praise:  Carbonite unlimited online backup works automatically and continually in the background backing up files whenever your computer is connected to the Internet. Plus, you can access your backed up files from any computer or on your smartphone or iPad with a free Carbonite app.
Unlimited computer backup for your PC or Mac, with anytime-anywhere-access is only $59 a year. Try it free for 15 days, no credit card required, and then get two free months if you decide to buy.
You know why I use it... I have told you of the horrors of losing data/photos/music.  AND it happens to everyone to a greater of lesser degree; some time some where IT WILL HAPPEN TO YOU.

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Abaya Clothing

My sister is working in Saudi Arabia and provided me good information about Abaya Clothing for Muslim Women. I made a great post with videos and different design and its resources at my squidoo library. Please visit this link and enjoy reading, watching and shopping if you like. 

Image: Salma Abaya

Calgary apartments

Hey Aloha you Northerners in Canada who want to rent an apartment in Calgary, Alberta.  We have news for you.  There is now this great site   http://www.rentcalgary.com/ that takes the drudge work out of rental housing hunting.   Yes it is true.  With pictures and detailed pictures and lots for comparisons you can spend just a few minutes and get the lay of the land so to speak.   You can select the Southeast Northeast or any of 15 distance areas in Calgary...Don't all stamped at once but let us know if you use the site. 

Our Friend Margaret just moved north and used rent calgary and is extremely happy in her new digs.  Her unit is a condo in a renovated grand old house.  It has 3000 sq ft and heated floors (you know you want that here). It has a dedicated parking space in a GARAGE.  Pets are allowed.  She is right at the river and has a very bright light exposure.  With such a large place, she is welcoming guests. So, even if you don't stamped, email us and we can talk Alberta visitation!
Don't also forget to visit Calgary apartments for rent website.