The Stages of Success

At age 4 success is ... not peeing in your pants.
At age 12 success is... having friends.
At age 16 success is... having a driver's license.
At age 20 success is... having sex.
At age 35 success is... having money.
At age 50 success is... having money.
At age 60 success is... having sex.
At age 70 success is... having a driver's license.
At age 75 success is... having friends.
At age 80 success is... no peeing in your pants.


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Graduation Song: Farewell Lupon Vocational High School

I made graduation song before leaving my school where I taught for 10 years. Missing my co-teachers, school staff, principal , friends and most of all my students....

I am proud to be a part of Lupon Vocational High School........ Missed you all guys


Sit on Santa's Lap

Fast, playful, cuddly and fragile little man. My one year old nephew baby Luis. He is cute and funny. He makes my day complete. He is one year and 7 months today but he only got only 8 teeth, but doctors says it is normal, I am relieved! He plays his favorite bicycles, run after the dogs, shots perfectly the ball on the ring. He is studious. He is left handed and perfectly knows how to handle a pencil and draws zigzag lines, and circles. He knows what are his toys, things and favorite pillows. His head turns when beautiful ladies are around and make a flirty smile and a flying kiss! He want freedom and carefree. So don't put him on arms jail.

I have tried his picture in jail using the fun, enjoyable and exciting CEIVA Digital Photo Frame Sit on Santa's Lap. I never thought that it would be a unique one. I even laughed alone loudly when I saw his picture on Santa's Video. It was really amazing! I told myself, " Wow! That was great!" The funniest thing was when I emailed it to my friends, while they were watching the video links with Santa and my wish for Luis, they were both surprised how come the picture, name and wish were there in Santa's Video.

Aside from trying this new digital photo frame, you can also enter the contest where winners are selected randomly each day to win $500.

Got a wish this holiday? Enjoy sitting on Santa’s Lap, get a change to win the contest and wishes come true!


Morijama Naotaro : Sakura

I really love this song. This was one of the best song when I left Japan. Every time I played this song. All my beautiful memories when I was in Japan flashes back.

The friendship that I have gained from my classmate in different parts of the world during my Intensive Japanese Language Course at Hiroshima University. I really missed you all guys! Helen and Mwagesha from Kenya, Alpha from New Guine, Jesus from Mexico, Amy from Phils, Kaku from China, Thomas from Poland, Lessie from Paraguay, Zu win from Mynmar, Van Ann from Vietnam and more.....

To my sensei from my In-service Traning for teachers at Shimane University. I dedicate this song for you all.......... Sayonara.....

Book Bouquet Gift Baskets for our Kupuna

Kupuna is a Hawaiian word meaning Grandparents or ancestors. It is a general term for elderly.

I had attended a Nursing Care Assistant course here in the island. The class was conducted inside the facility itself. Due to some personal reasons, I was not able to complete the course.

Serving for our Kupuna is the main goal of the facility. I can see how the whole staff were taking care of our elderly. They have activities at least 3 times a week to keep the residents active and can socialize with each other. Our Kupuna loved to receive gifts from their family and friends. It does not matter how simple the gifts are, but it's the thoughtfulness and the love counts. We had explored the whole facility and we did notice some books in their respective residents room. That's why we observed that they would really love to receive Get Well Gifts - the Get Well Baskets the Entertains.

There are many people prefer to send book bouquet baskets (books, gourmet food and gift items to create unique gift baskets for occasions like new babies, get well, birthday gifts, sympathy gifts, thank you, Christmas and more) to their friends and loved ones. If you have not tried sending book bouquet gift baskets, why not make the first order today and surprise them.

General Guidelines: Camping in Kauai Forest Reserve Areas

  • Permits are required to camp in forest reserve areas. In order to process a permit, full names of the campers, desired campsites and date requested are needed

  • A Kauai Police Department emergency information from must be filled out. This will aide in notifying family and assist in the rescue efforts of any lost hikers or campers.

  • Camping is only allowed at designated campsites.

  • No commercial camping is allowed.

  • Open fired are only allowed in agency-established fire rings. All other fires must be in a contain device (gas stove or Weber/hibachi grill.

  • Please pack out what you pack in. Keep the areas clean.

  • There are no potable water at any campsite. Any water collected from the streams must be treated before human consumption.

  • All the campsites are equipped with a composting toilet system. However, the system is not managed on a regular basis in the remote campsites of Waimea Canyon and Waialae (bring your own personal hygiene supplies).


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Mele Kilikimaka! from Jake a Miniature Poodle Dog

This is Jake our three-legged miniature poddle dog. He lost one of his legs when he was missing for 2 days in the wilderness of New Mexico. He was found unconscios along the road near home. We were suspecting that he was attack by wild animal or cayote in the mountains. He is lucky to have his second life. Mele Kilikimaka from Hawaii. Merry Christmas!


Love Links: Interracial Chat Rooms

Interracial relationship works. Proofs are the thousands of testimonials from different online dating sites -from friendship, being engaged and to marriage. Although not all relationships lead to live happily ever after as there are numerous divorce cases all over the country.

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Steps to Avoid Leptospirosis

  1. Do not swim, wade or play in freshwater when you have cuts or abrasions. When swimming, do not place your head underwater.
  2. Wear Protective Clothing such as: gloves, boots. long sleeves, heavy pants when you are working with moist soil or water, gardening, clearing vegetation, hunting, and butchering animals and caring pets.
  3. Don't drink stream water without boiling or chemically treating it. Keep water catchment collection areas free from overhanging branches and prevent access to these areas by animals. Drain potentially contaminated areas of standing water.
  4. Rodent Control. Control rats, mice and mongooses around home and at work sites. Trapping, removing nests, poisoning and protection of foods and garbage are helpful control methods. Call the Vector control branch or the district Health office on the Neighbor Islands for Advice
  5. Vaccinate pets and farm animals. See your veterinarian about shots that will protect your animal from infection.

Quality Gun Holster Deals

If you are searching for Holster for your gun model or your gun type, you can either go to the nearest gun shop or you can find various resources in online.

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What is Leptospirosis?

A bacterial disease that is transmitted from animals to humans. Rats and mice are the most important carriers in Hawai'i. Domestic animals can also transmit the desease.

Leptospirosis bacteria can survive for long periods in fresh water and mud. They enter the body through the eyes, the nose, mouth and broken skin. People usually do not transmit Leptospirosis to each other.

How are people affected?
  • Swimming or wading in freshwater ponds or streams contaminated with animal urine.
  • Contact with moist soil or vegetation contaminated with animal urine.
  • Direct contact with urine, tissues or blood of infected animals.
  • Drinking contaminated fresh water.


  • may occur 2 to 20 days after being exposed
  • are often mild and resemble the flu, fever, diarrhea, nausea, vomiting, body pains, loss appetite, chills, headache red eyes, sweating weakness

Other more serious symtoms are stiff neck, jaundice, heart failure, delirium, kidney failure and liver swelling.

If you think you have symptoms of leptospirosis, see a doctor right away.

The Planet Goth Chat Rooms

I have just learned some exciting informations today. This is all about Goth People. I never thought that Planet Goth exist – a place for all Goth to get together. Before migrating in the United States, saw people in all black with unique personalities in movies. Now, I know that they are true.

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Mele Kilikimaka! Merry Christmas from Hawaii

Mele Kalikimaka - Merry Christmas. The words "Mele Kalikimaka" are a phonetic translation. When the missionaries and other Westerners first brought the custom of Christmas to the islands the Hawaiians had difficulty pronouncing Merry Christmas and turned it into words that rolled more easily off their tongues.
Hau'oli Makahiki Hou - Happy New Year. The western Christmas and New Year fell during this same time of the year that the Hawaiians traditionally honored the earth for giving them plenty to eat. This period of resting and feasting was called Makahiki (mah-kah-HEE- kee). It lasted for 4 months, and no wars or conflicts were allowed during this time. Because makahiki also means "year", the Hawaiian phrase for "Happy New Year" became "Hau'oli (happy) Makahiki (year) Hou (new)"(how-OH-lee mah-kah-hee-kee ho). - Hawaiian Christmas and New Year's Words and Phrases


Maternity and Baby Stuffs

Most expectant young mothers are very particular in keeping their looks during pregnancy and are willing to spend lavishly on items from maternity dress, undergarments and other stuffs. They are also very excited in preparing stuffs for their baby.

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Bathroom Design

I'm wondering who design this? If you know, he is the best!


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Christmas Party Hula Dance Presentation : Mele Kilikimaka!

Sun Village had an early Christmas Party last December 14, 2008. The party started with a Hula dance from one of the Hula group in Kauai. After the presentation, the residents together with their respective guest and family enjoyed the buffet dinner. That was also the time when the winners of Sun Village Christmas Decoration for Best Courtyard ( Building A won) and the Best Individual apartment decorations ( luckily we won!).


Sit on Santa's Lap Experience

I have tried the fun, enjoyable and exciting CEIVA Digital Photo Frame Sit on Santa's Lap experience. I never thought that it would be a unique one. I even laughed alone loudly when I saw my pic on Santa's Video. It was really amazing! I told myself, " Wow! That was great!" The funniest was when I emailed it to my friends, while they were watching the video links with Santa and my wish, they were both surprised how come my picture, name and wish were there in Santa's Video. Pretty Amazing.

The picture that I have uploaded was taken during our vacation at Paradise Island beach resort and I was eating a young coconut fruit holding a flower. That was very meaningful to me because that cold fruit drinks was given to me by the most important person in my life. I sent the video link via email to my friends, family and of course to my hubby. Now he knew about my wish! I am not expecting it to be granted because it's just a wish. The most important thing in life is the gift of love to everyone. Santa mentioned it, too!

I invited my friends and family to join the fun! You should try it for yourself too. You can also try their got a wish offer . Just take note of the rules:

  1. You should be at least 18 years old to join the sweepstakes.
  2. You should submit be the submitter.
  3. Photos must be original and must not contain inappropriate content
  4. Must be a resident of the United States
Happy holidays!


Coqui : Protect Hawaii Stop the Spread!

What is coqui?

It's a small dark brown-to dark-colored from measuring up to 2 inches with variable patterns including a light stripe down the middle of its back. Native to Puerto Rico, the coqui remain hidden during the day in leaf litter. Male coqui emerge into the trees at night calling "ko-kee" to attract females. Females lay their eggs in cup-like vegetation. Juvenile frogs hatch in 2-3 weeks. There is no tadpoles stage.
Why we should concerned about coqui?
There are no natural enemies to control the coqui in Hawaii. Populations may exceed 10,000 frogs per acre, which consume over 50,000 insects each night. As suck coqui may endanger native Hawaiian insect populations including plant pollinators, and compete with Hawaii's native birds.
The shrieking courtship noise has been a major nuisance to many Hawaii residents and visitors, who are not able to sleep due to the noise level. At a distance of one foot, the loud, piercing calls of a group of coquis have been measures at 80-90 decibels. This is comparable to the noise produced by a lawn mower.
What can you do?
The Hawaii Department of Agriculture needs your cooperation in reporting coqui in your neighborhood. If you hear a bird-like call or whistle during evening hours, find the coqui by using a flashlight to locate the frog, capture by hand (the coqui is non-toxic) or use a jar with lid to contain the animal. Do not transport from the area. Call the Department's PEST HOTLINE immediately at :
Oahu - 586 -PEST (7378)
Big Island - 974-4000 ext 67378
Maui - 984-2400 ext 67378
Kauai - 274-3141 ext 67378
MOlokai & Lanai - 1-800-468-4644 ext 67378

Kerchoonz : Join, Play, Download Free Music, and Earn


Downloading music for free is no longer impossible these days. The new multi-media company created a website for musicians to start earning money every time their music are being played or downloaded. This is a great opportunity for talented musicians who are uploading their videos to some leading video websites and earning thousands of views. This new music resources is called Kerchoonz. You can earn money per views and per downloads. Consider watching the numbers of views or plays you’ve earned for your music and think of converting it into money. How much you might earn?

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It is free for general public. Sign up today and start using Kerchoonz . The right place to watch, listen, download, and earn music for free! Don’t forget to play the video below for more details.



Wanted: Miconia Dead or Alive

Miconia is a fast-growing, weedy tree from South America that is now invading hawaii.
  • It has large, dark green leaves with purple undersides.
  • Leaves can be up to 3 feet long and are oval-shaped.
  • It looks like a bush when young, but can grow up to 50 feet tall.

Why is it a threat?

  • It caused increased erosion by killing groundcover plants.
  • A single plant produces milions of tiny seeds that spread quickly.
  • It has already destroyed 70% of the foresrt growth in Tahiti.
  • Miconia plants have now been found on the Big Island, Maui, O'ahu, and Kaua'i

What can you do?

If you think you've found Miconia, call the hotline on your island.

An expret will confirm your sighting Iseveral other plants look like Miconia) and will tell you what to do next.

Share this with your familiy, neighbors, and community groups.

Hotline numbers:

Big Island - 961-3299

Maui - 984-8100

Kaua'i - 274-3069

Moloka'i - 1(800)468-4644 ext 48100

O'ahu - 973-9541


Christmas Centerpieces 2008

In a retirement village here in Kauai, the residents are busy preparing for Apartment and Building Christmas Decorations contest. The judging will be based on the Individual Building Units – A, B, C buildings and the Best Overall building decorations. Judging will be on Saturday, December 13th starting 6 PM. The results will be revealed at Holiday Buffet on Sunday, Dec 14th.

We are new residents here and belong to Building A. I wondered how people made decorations this last year and became the winner? Yesterday morning, I went out for a regular walk and found out some delightful Christmas decors in front of the residents building units. In the middle of the square building, the flower garden is filled with decorations, such as three big Christmas trees, Santa, lights and ribbons.

D building is Recreation Area of the residents. It is adjacent to the swimming pool. Christmas decorations at D building are simple yet elegant and attention-grabber. I think it is because of the Christmas Centerpieces that infuse new life in the table arrangements. I’ve heard during the meeting that they are going to order more Christmas Centerpieces at 1-800 flowers.com to avail discounted flowers. The website is user-friendly; costumers can easily sort by price (low to high or high to low).

The best thing to do is to explore 1-800Flowers today and look at their Christmas flowers selection. You might also like it.



Why Seniors Break their Hips?

Guaranteed if you have one minute ad watch this, you will be laughing out loud. Warning only watch this if you wish to smile & laugh...

Although this is funny but it really breaks seniors hips! So wait for your turn after few decades. lol


Gift Cards: Preferred Gifts for Holiday

I first learned how people prefer gift cards when my niece won a gift card prize for Parlor games during Christmas party last year. All winners received gift cards. While I was attending a meeting for volunteers during holidays (Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year) and after several discussions and presentations on the different programs or activities for the said events, everybody voted gift cards as prizes.

Why do people prefer gift cards than preparing gift items? For recipients, they can buy what they want. It is convenient for both shoppers and the receivers.

The largest third party provider for prepaid gift cards and the creator of Gift Card Mall™ called Blackhawk Network conducted research about holiday shopping and consumer attitudes and they found out that:
  • 70% feel that gift cards are useful gifts for both receivers and senders.
  • 66% think that by purchasing a gift card their money is not wasted
  • 54% feel that they would rather give gift cards than cash
  • 58% still plan on buying gift cards for holidays

Surveys proved that gift cards still the preferred gifts and expected to be the top gift purchase by the consumers.

So go ahead and surprise your loved one with gift cards to spend on what ever they want and surely they will thank you for the experience.


Anini Beach Pictures

I've been to different beaches in Kauai. There are so many factors to be considered in choosing the best beach to stay. Everyone has its own personal reasons for staying. But if you will ask me, Aside from the beautiful nature that sorrounds the place, I consider it as one of the best beach or camping site if there are clean, non odorous smell of the rest room, safe drinking water access, life guard, and emergency or public telephone and electricity.


Nikon Hunting Holiday Promotions

Good news to all hunters!

Are you contented with your shooting skills? If not, there might be something wrong with your rifle scope or binocular.
Are you planning to try something new and affordable prices with excellent product quality?

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  • ProStaff rifle scope
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Treat your self this holiday season, send gifts to your loved ones, fellow hunters and friends by simply sharing Nikon Hunting Christmas Promotion.

Termite Tenting and Camp out Part II - Na Pali Coast

This post is a follow up on my previous post about Termite Tenting in our building and we went camping instead of staying in a fancy hotel and restaurants. Last December 1, 2008, we went to Anini State Park, of course we have need to have a permit in order to do camping there.

The next morning, we moved to Haena Beach still in North Shore going to na pali coast. But before that we went first to the Lighthouse in Kalauea. Unexpectedly met some friends, took pictures, enjoying watching different views from the Lighthouse, love the nene walking or roaming around the place.

After 30 minutes we drove to Na Pali coast. Looking for a good place to build our camp tent. At last we found the great place with a very dramatic background of the mountains and having the ocean in front. At noon, we went for a hiking trail. I started hiking but did not reach the top because I was afraid of heights and the small pathway is very slippery.

Home and Garden Products Buying Guide

I am always interested in finding out what my visitors are searching or reading in my website. I have three different sites where I featured dish gardening, gardening and home improvements. I’ve found out that the most viewed and the most searched (using major search engines) contents by my visitors, are all about dish gardening, gardening and home improvements. It feels very rewarding on my part knowing that these topics drive more traffic into my site. At least I have shared useful information about gardening and home improvements.

This time is different. Aside from posting great pictures and tips on gardening, I can also share great resources of dish gardening ideas like the large dish garden filled with a variety of plants for indoor gardening. By visiting Home and Garden Products Buying Guide, you can find valuable products not only for outdoor and garden guides but also for home furnishings and decors, housewares and home maintenance guides, kitchen and dining guides and workshop and home improvement guide. The most important key in using this site is that when you search for a certain item, it will lead you to the different stores online that enables you to compare the prices or identify which item/s are on sale. How’s that? For me I rather have all the prices compared in just one search than searching each store on the net.

Termite Tenting and Camp out Part I - Anini State Park

Dear Folks!

Sorry for not visiting your respective sites for 2 days! We need to vacate for 1 day due to termite tenting in one of the condo units here and we are in A building. The team started at 7 am but we are allowed to stay until 10am. Was super busy during that time. Some residents stayed in the hotel, their relatives, friends houses BUT we went camping on the NORTH SHORE for 2 days!

We first camped out at Anini Beach here in Kauai. It's one of my favorite beach resort for camping. The rest rooms are clean. I been to different beach park for camping for just for picnic but I hate restroom odors but this time, I really appreciate the state for maintaining this park well. I wish all state and county park restrooms are as clean as Anini State Park.

There are plenty of couples camping there. I also loved different people being their families into camping. At night you have hear babies crying from different tents. LOL. Bu t that's normal, parents do like it too but babies like to CRY!