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Putting on a mask ang googles

Masks should be worn when caring for patients with respiratory illness.
Googles provide protection for your eyes.
  1. Wash your hands.
  2. Pick up the mask by top string or elastic strap. Do not touch the mask where it touches your face.
  3. Adjust the mask over your nose and mouth. Tie top strings, then bottom strings. Masks must always be dry or they must be replaced. Never wear a mask hanging from only the bottom ties.
  4. Put on the googles
  5. Put on your gloves after putting on the mask and googles.

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Putting on Gloves

You must wear gloves when there is a chance of contact with body fluids, open wounds, or mucous membranes.

  1. Wash your hands

  2. If you are right-handed, slide one glove on your left hand (reverse if left-handed)

  3. With gloved hand, slide the other hand into the second glove.

  4. Interlace fingers. Smooth out folds and create a comfort fit.

  5. Carefully look for tears, holes, or discolored spots. Replace the glove if needed.

  6. If wearing a gown, pull the cuff of the gloves over the sleeve of gown.

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Basic Hula Steps and terms

'Ami - Rotation of hips
Hela - Step one foot 45 degree angle to the front/side Repeat step on the other side
Ka' 0 - Lift hip and heel up starting with the left side.
Kaholo - 4 beat steps to the right, returning to the left
'Uwehe - One foot is lifted with weight shifting to the opposite both knees are then pushed forward or outwards.
Kaholoholo - 8 beat steps to the right, returning to the left
Kiholo - back step
'Ami kuku - two slow 'ami followed by three fast in the same direction.
Kawelu, kalakaua - one foot taps time with the heel, the toes being stationary while the other foot, flat position, steps forward and back, the same distance, 2 or more times. The step is repeated, reversing feet.
Wawae Ki' i - right foot points to the right side (3:00), front (1:00), back position with the left foot, Left foot repeats the same movements, side (9:00), front (11:00), back into position on the opposite side.

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Hula Steps : 6 - 10

6. 'Ami' Ami, 'Ami poepoe - jerking motion of the hips back and forth in a crude and bulgar manner

7. 'Ami kahela, 'Ami poepoe - hips rotates with the weight on the right hips as the left heel lifts very slightly, the nreversing this action

8. 'Ami kuku - like the 'ami kahela except the revolutions are smaller, faster and in groups of three; sometimes combined with two slower kahele revolutions.

9. 'Ami ku' upau (uninhibited) - rapid revolution of the hips in the ha' a; an uninhibited 'ami, like in a Tahitian dance

10. 'Ami ' oniu (spinning) - figure-eight ha' a step; the revolving hips ('ami) form an "8"with the weight shifting.

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Hula Steps : 1 - 5

  1. 'Ai - dancing style or type

  2. 'Ai 'am1 - type of ha' a with littel foot movement throughout the dance

  3. 'Ai ' ha' a - hula step excuted with bended knee

  4. 'Ai ' kawele, Kawele - ha' a step; one foot makes a half circle forward and to the side without touching the floor; usually in combination with other steps as the holo or 'uwehe; used in "A ko' ulau Au"

  5. 'Ami - rotation of hips


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Hawaiin Hula

Hula is the traditional dance of the Hawaiian Islands. It was once both a religious exercise in honor of the goddess Laka and also their form of entertainment. In traditional hula, poems and stories were interpreted by highly stylized movements of the dancers arms and hands. Although the angelic dances of old Hawaii have almost disintegrated and bear little resemblance to the modern forms of hula, the modern hula also tells a story. The out spread arms of the dancer represents the swaying of the palm trees gently blown by the wind. To be able to convey the story to the audience the dancer has to coordinate the facial expression and the eye with the graceful movements of the fingers, arms, wrists, hips, knees and feet.

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ULI' ULI : Feather Gourd Rattle Dance

For hula uli' uli the top of the handle just under the brightly colored feathers is held loosely between the thumb and fingers of the right hand. With a loose wrist, the dancer shakes the gourd, which is partially filled with tiny pebbles or seeds, and taps it lightly against the palm of the free left hand, on the lap and on the shoulder.

91 year old drummer

Allee Willis Presents "Hey Jerrie"

The video presentation above reminds me when I was volunteering in a Long Term Care Facility here in Hawaii. A long term care facility offer assisted living, dementia care, or even sub acute care. Some offers personal care for all residents and focused care for residents with special needs.According to the National Center for Health and Statistics, almost 91 percent of the long term care residents are over age 65.

Although getting old is a part of our life cycle, we should not forget that seniors are people, not just lists of illness and disabilities. They have many needs like you. Many had rich and wonderful lives.

The video presented by Allee Willis is a great example, life goes on no matter how old a person is. She still kept her talent being an artist on her field despite of her age.

Some good points that I learned by watching this video are:

  • the author of this video were able to compiled or gathered Jerrie's photos and videos together and make it lively.
  • once an artist is always an artist forever

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PU' ILI : Split Bamboo Dance

For the hula pu' ili a dancer holds the closed end of the bamboo for a handle. With a loose wrist he rattles the long narrow strips by striking the split ends against the hand shoulder and mat.

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PA IPU : Gourd Dance

For hula pa ipu, the dancer holds the gourd (ipu) with his left hand and slaps (pa'i) it with right hand in a definite rhythmic pattern.


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Conscious Choking for Adult : Cannot Cough, Speak or Breath

  1. Check the scene, then check the person.

  2. Have someone call 9-1-1

  3. Obtain consent.

  4. Lean the person forward and give 5 blows with the heel of your hand.

  5. Give 5 quick, upward abdominal thrusts.

  6. Continue back blows and abdominal thrusts until - object is forced out, person can breathe or cough forcefully and person becomes unconscious.

Note 1: Give chest thrusts to a choking person who is pregnant or too big for you to reach around.

Note 2: You can give yourself abdominal thrusts by using your hands, just as you would do to another person or lean over and press your abdomen against any firm object such as the back of a chair.



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Ka La'au : Stick Dance

For the hula ka la'au two hardwood sticks of the same length are struck together rhythmically throughout the chant. The dancer holds each stick by the thumb and at the tips of the fingers. Loose wrists are needed to make graceful gestures.

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'Ili' ili : Peeble Dance

For the hula 'ili'ili two pairs of smooth water-worn lava pebbles are clicked together in a manner similar to Spanish castanets. One pebble is held tightly between the thumb and index finger and the other pebble lies flat along the three finger. This last pebble is moved upward to click the first pebble.

Far Infrared Saunas

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• only water based glues used

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What is HULA?

Hula is a hawaiian dance that tells a story through a mele (chant or song) and appropriate gestures. The story maybe one that honors god, goddess, or an ali'i. It may be a story about a place or a thing.

According to the oldest mele, the goddess Hopoe was the first kumu hula or teacher of the hula. Hopoe's first student was Hi' iaka-i-ka-poli-o-pele. This was Pele's youngest and favorite sister, Hi' iaka. Today the chants for Pele are commemorated in the name of Hi' iaka...............

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Aloha Kauai

Aloha mohikana, pua o Kaua'i
Wili' ia me ka maile lau li'ili'i
Maile li'ili'i
He u'i, onaona, he aloha wau ai 'oe
Me a'u me 'oe i ka pu'uwai

Aloha no'o Kaua'i
Luana, ho' okipa malihini
Puana, kaulana ka inoa o Kaua'i
Ha' aheo he nani hiwahiwa
Kaua'i he nani no e ka 'oe

Beloved in the mohikana, flower of Kaua'i
Entwined with the dainty-leafed maile
Maile so dainty
A fragrant loveliness, I love you
Be close to my heart

Beloved indeed is Kaua'i
And the home, Luana so welcoming to visitors
The story is told of the fame of the name Kaua'i
Proud, a cherished beauty
Kaua'i you are beautiful indeed

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Hawaiian Vocabulary

ahupua'a - land division
alakai'i - leader
ali'i - chief
halau - school; building in which hula was thought
hula - dance
hula kahiko - traditional dance using old chants or the old styles of chanting and dancing
hula pahu - drum dance
kapu - sacred; restricted; forbidden; illegal
kumu - teacher
maka 'ainana - commoner
pa hula - enclosure for nurturing the hula
paepae - terrace support for a hale; supportive assistant to the po'opua'a
pa'u - woman's skirt
po'opua'a - head pupil of a halau hula, so called because he/she provided a pig-head to the kumu hula as a ritual offering


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Seizures are involuntary often violent, contractions of muscles. They can evolve around a small area or the entire body. Seizures are caused by a problem in the brain. They can occur in young children who have a high fever. Older children and adults who have a serious illness, fever, head injury, or a seizure disorder, such as epiepsy, may also have seizures.

During a seizure, make sure that he is safe. A person may shake severely and thrust arms and legs uncontrollably. He may clench his jaw, drool, and be unable to swallow.


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Fainting occurs when the blood supply drops, causing a loss of consciousness. Fainting maybe the result of hunger, fear, pain, fatique, standing for a long time, poor ventilation, or overheating. Signs and symptoms of fainting include dizziness, perspirations, and blackness in the visual field. If someone appears likely to faint, follow these steps:
  1. Have the person lie down or sit down after the fainting occurs.
  2. If the person is in sitting position, have here bend forward and place her head between her knees. if the person is lying flat on her back, elevate the legs.
  3. Loosen any tight clothing.
  4. Have the person stay in position for at least five minutes after symptoms disappear.
  5. Help the person get up slowly. Continue to observe her for symptoms of fainting. Stay with the person until she feels better.

Cat Supplies

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Sexual Identity or Sexual Orientation

Sex and Sexuality have been defined in separate ways. Sex is something a person does, while sexuality is something a person is. Sexual orientation is a person's desire for one gender or the other. Sexual orientation or identity plays a big part in human sexuality.

Terms defining sexual identity include:

Gay: 1. A person who has a desire for person of the same sex. 2. A man whose sexual orientation is for men.

Heterosexual: A person who has a desire for persons of the opposite sex. This is also known as "straight".

Homosexual: A person who has a desire for person of the same sex. The terms "gay" and "lesbian" are usually preferable.

Lesbian: A woman whose sexual orientation is to women.

Bisexual: A person who desires persons of both sexes.

Transsexual: One who wishes to be accepted by society as a member of the opposite sex. One who have undergone a sex change.

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