Adirondack chairs, picnic tables and more

Adirondack chairs grew on me slowly starting as a youth of five or six years old at summer camp in upstate New York.  I was from a family that did not use them.  They seemed strange to me.  even looked less than comfortable.  Well my camping experience was great and I returned to that small private lake 20 miles distant from Lake George for the next 10 years.

    I first sat in one at the canteen closed to picnic tables, park benches and playground equipment where we queued up to buy our treat of the week.  Then I came to use these great New England Classics at the "Nature Shack" where kindly knowledgeable Counselor Sholee let me into some of the mysteries of animal life and human life too!

    By the time I was an adult, I knew that any place and time I needed a rest, It was best accomplished in an Adirondack!  And now-a-days the choices of materials and variety of subtle different styles and types is amazing.  My family and friends agree, Adirondack Chairs are GREAT. 


Memories of my Lovebirds

Today is one of the saddest part of my life. I lost my two lovebirds. We are moving from Hawaii to the Philippines and then we need to get rid of some of our stuffs including my lovely pets Chinkee and Rita. We will move within this year. We decided to start doing it before leaving. We advertise it via craiglist, we did not even have pictures yet because my husband was just learning how to use that site. Then he got email showing interest. Then we got a call and they wanted to see it with his 4 years old son. Continue reading....


Home Security

We traveled a lot and left the house with double lock doors. I am always worried how safe those locks are. I was always thinking on how travel with a safer way to leave our home. I did  some research about it but did not have the time or the motivation to get security device. We live in a retirement condo. There were news that two units was being burglarized and that changed my level of need to make our home safer. I discuss this to my family and we all agreed to find ways to make our house safer where ever we are.

We are in the Philippines at this time for a family vacation leaving our house but we are very confident that it is being taken care of the some security device that we installed. The Setup and monthly fee are very affordable.
 I have some friends in the mainland and they did the same thing of making their house safe. Kris trusts Home Security Tuscaloosa in her area, she mentioned it while we were chatting online. We were also talking about DIRECT TV for home entertainment. We very glad that we have something in common.