Body Loving Shapes Swimwear!

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Oh la la!
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Chickens in Kauai, Hawaii

Last Friday we went to of the gulf course in Poipo. Sorry guys, It hard to remember the name for it was a Hawaiian word. I know I should be smart enough to take picture of the entrance where it was written.

So we got up from our car, while my friend is busy preparing her dog for a walk, I took my camera out and got ready to take beautiful views around us. Suddenly a crowd of chickens where running towards my directions. As they where not afraid for human. I think they where to stay close to human because some tourist feed them.

In the other parts of the Island chickens ran away from us easily, they got scared. But when in public places such a parking lot and beaches where there people feed them, they got crazy running for food!


Back to my very first template

Some of my first few friends in blogging since 2008 might recognized this template. Actually, I bought new template that would really make this blog very pro. But later on I realized that this aloha-gems.com (formerly alohagems.blogspot.com) is my paid blogging site. I will be violating some rules that I agreed upon signing up to their respective website. Anyway, the header looks like a Hawaiian icon. Thanks for reading everyone!


Don't Visit Hawaii too Often...or Else!

Yes, I failed to take my own advise and after a half dozen trips, starting in Oahu, I wound up buying an inexpensive Condo thru a good real estate brooker, moving here and marrying a local Asian gal! Oy vey, would mother be mad. But I am happy. Happier than I have ever been.

I visited all the islands at least once. Honolulu is my favorite city. I have all the resources and facilities of the main land but I am in the middle of a pacific paradise. The beach is five blocks away, Waikiki is a short bus ride. AND THE WEATHER IS BEAUTIFUL ALL YEAR AROUND.

Using a real estate brooker is the only way to go because Island life is different in many ways. Some properties (including mine, smile) are what they call lease hold and this is good because it brings the price down. It is bad because you have only a 99 year period to have the property. so it has less value for my children. Well they are richer than I already! Also, not all finacing is available with lease holds. There are also Hawaiian lands for part Hawaii and only. My wife qualifies! When we swell this condo, we'll move on to a nice house away from the busy tourist areas. IMHO you need a professional to explain the details and to be sure you are getting what you expect.

See you on the beach.