Trade Show Exhibit Designs and Supplies

Last January of 2008, I was one of the coach/delegate for the National STEP Competition. I was amazed by the different booth representing the different regions. I took pictures of the different entries but I was interested of the table skirting and cake decoration presentations. I posted it in one my blogs and I received tons of traffic along with comments of appreciation that I posted it for there references and samples. A week ago, I received a comment asking me how to make it and where can to find some resources for table covers and trade show exhibit designs.

If you have not explored camelbackdisplays.com, it is the leader in designing and supplying trade show exhibits, table covers and table top displays all over the world. Just visit there website and search for the best products that fits your needs. It may be for contest exhibits, wedding top table covers and displays and any other activities. It also features all trade show displays, exhibit truss, trade show flooring, table covers, banner stands of all types, trade show furniture, pipe and drape, stages and stage skirting, graphic tent and canopy, trade show lights, light boxes, literature, brochure holders, hanging or overhead displays, crowd control, presentation tools, and design and layouts.


Sims Position

Positioning means helping residents/patients into into position that will be comfortable and healthy for them. Bedbound patients should be repositioned every two hours.

The Sim's Position is a left side-lying position. The lower arm is behind the back. The upper knee is flexed and raised toward the chest, using a pillow as support. There should be a pillow under the bottom foot so that the toes do not touch the bed.

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Watch Dolphin Bubbles

What’s new about dolphins? While watching Dolphin Bubbles on ABC's World News with Charles Gibson, I really feel that I am in the dolphin planet. It makes me feel how it’s like to be at the dolphin kingdom.

Way back in the year 2003, I first watched dolphin shows in Japan and I was really amazed how these lovely animals performed and do exciting tricks. People where really entertained. I got tons of pictures developed and made photo gallery online to show to my friends and loved ones.

If you have not yet tried watching dolphin live, you better watch the video below to see and experience to dolphin play bubbles and dolphins teach each other in creating bubbles and playing with it.

Nowadays, people need not to travel and spend money on airfare, bus, train, hotels for watching dolphin shows. With new technologies, we can then watch dolphins right in our home. Save money, time and the same pleasure and entertainments are experience. So relax and enjoy watching Dolphin Bubbles.


LVHS Doon Po sa Amin as Finalists

I am very proud of Lupon Vocational High School. I graduated in this school and had taught for 10 years as mathematics teacher. I witnessed how the school struggling for for developments and success. Now the LVHS team are competing for the finals LVHS DPSA Learning Challenge Entry sponsored by SMART Schools . Special thanks to Madam Macarona, Ma'am Edang, Ma'am Alma and the schools. Bundas: Gateway to Squid Fishing is the entry. Good luck guys!

SureFire Flashlights

Are you looking for weapon light? Surefire is best for you. It is a tactical technology company that manufactures powerful, compact and reliable illumination tools. Some of their products are: incandescent flashlights, LED flashlights, military special ops lights, rechargeable flashlights, weapon lights and much more. Shipping is free with $50 purchase and you can also use a coupon code and avail free batteries.

Keeping quality flashlights are essential not only for military or police officers but also for campers, hunters or even keeping it at home for emergency purposes. Surefire is a great resource of reliable flashlights.


Kaua'i Farmers Market

Farmer's market is one of my most exciting activities for the people living in Kauai. Farmers can display and sell their agricultural products at fair price and consumers are having fun buying plants, fruits, flowers, vegetables and native delicacies.

Below are market locations with each respective time/day.

  1. Koloa - Koloa Ball Park - Monday 12:00

  2. Kalaheo - Kalaheo Neighborhood Center - Tuesday 3:00

  3. Wailua Homesteads - Wailua Homesteads Park - Tuesday 3:00

  4. Kapa'a - Kapa'a New Town Park - Wednesday 3:00

  5. Hanapepe - Hanapepe Park - Thursday 3:00

  6. Kilauea - Kilauea Neighborhood Center - Thurday 4:30

  7. Lihu'e - Vihinda Stadium - Friday 3:00

  8. Kekaha - Kekaha Neighborhood Center - Saturday 9:00

  9. Hanalei - Hanalei Community Center - Saturday 9:30


Volkswagen Turbo

While taking our lunch break, my friends and I were talking about cars and driving. We were listening to Nila who happened to be the most experienced driver among us. She was recommending turbochargerpros.com for our cars upgrade.They have a wide selection of replacement Supercharger, Turbocharger and nose cover. They offered free shipping in all orders, fast delivery by utilizing a nationwide network or warehouse to process your order and great costumer service. We have just leaned that superchargers can produce additional power from much lower engine speed. This is ideal for my husband’s Volkswagen turbo!

Spouting Horn in Hawaii

This is a natural wonder- a dual lava tube that shoots a salt water spray 50 feet in the air, sounding off as it blows. Legend goes that this coast was guarded by a large mo'o, lizard, who ate everyone who tired to fish or swim here. One day, a man named Liko entered the water. When the mo'o went to attack him, he swam under the lava shelf and escaped through the hole. The mo'o became stuck and was never able to get out. The groaning is the cry of hunger and pain from the lizard still trapped under the rocks. A good place for sunset photography.

Warning: Stay off the lava rock shelf or risk being drenched.


Plastic Surgery Information

I was thinking about plastic surgery. But I am not yet ready for it. I need more research, readings, advices and information about it. Cosmetic Surgery Help leads us to the right direction in choosing body, breast and face surgery. Before undergoing a plastic surgery, all your doubts and questions need to be answered and it can be done by joining forums, reading reviews and asking experts. A cosmetic surgery that offers excellent costumer service supports, reputable specialists and affordable fees should be our number one goal.

Scurvy: The Scourge of the the Early Sea Traveller

Scurvy was a terrible problem for people who had to travel by sea for long periods of time. It caused bleeding gums, loose teeth, joint pain, weakness and hemorrhages from mucous membrane. In 1747, James Lind identified a cure for the dreaded scurvy. He found that citrus juice, such as lime juice, could successfully treat the disease. Vitamin C also known as ascorbic acid, was the cure.


Start Dancing

Dancing is not my cup of tea, but my husband likes to dance. What can I do? He hired a dance instructor for me at $40 per hour for 6 -7 sevens sessions. His goal was a dance number for our wedding. We have also tried enrolling dance session in our community but I am not comfortable doing it. Last January, I joined the Hula dance group here in Kauai but I still find it difficult to follow the different steps and styles of dancing.
When I learned about start dancing website, I found out that the site have a very informative resources for salsa dancing, belly dancing, and hip hop dancing with different dance descriptions, types of styles and video lessons. It is a good start to those who like to learn dancing.

Catastrophic Reactions

When a person with Alzheimer's Decease overacts to something in an unreasonable way it is called a catastrophic reactions. It is triggered by:

  • fatigue

  • change of routine, environment or caregiver

  • over stimulation

  • difficult choices of tasks

  • physical pain

  • hunger

  • need for toileting

To respond: remove triggers and help focus on soothing activity

Restaurant Ideas

Like you, I have tried different kinds of restaurants: from low class to high class. So far, I have tried Filipino, Japanese, Korean, Chinese and Western restaurants. Restaurants are everywhere: airports, malls, streets and hotels.

Planning for a restaurant business is a good idea. But one should be aware of the pros and cons by making some research and asking for experts and owners' opinions. A restaurant is a place where food and drinks are prepared and served for the costumers. There are also restaurants that offers take-out and food delivery services. There should be something in your restaurant that would make the costumers return and invite other people to visit, meet and hangout. Meals or the type of foods that you serve is one factor, your services and the right choice of furniture in your restaurant. For me, I am always attracted with restaurant chairs. Talking about chairs, Fashion Seating offers a huge variety of fashionable restaurant furniture at affordable prices. Some of its products are chairs, bar stools, tables, wooden side chairs, metal chairs and aluminum chairs.


When a person gets restless and agitated in the afternoon, evening or night, it is called sundowning. Sundowning maybe caused by hunger or fatique, a change in routine, or any new frustrating situation. Some effective responses are:
  • Remove triggers. Give snacks or encourage rest.
  • Avoid stressful situations during the time. Limit activities, appointments, trips, and visits.
  • Play soft music.
  • Set a bedtime routine and keep it.
  • Recornize when sundowning occurs. Plan a calming activity just before.
  • Remove caffiene from the diet. Give soothing back massage.
  • Distract the resident with simple, calm activity like looking at a magazine.
  • Have a daily exercise routine.


Shopping Guide for Women

My sister Cherry Fe is now in Birmingham, United Kingdom for studies. Our family is proud of her success in applying for student visa. It is her first winter and I know how hard for her to adjust to the climate or weather plus the winter clothing.

I remember my first winter when I was in Japan for studies too, it was terrible. Thanks for the strong Filipino scholars organization who welcomed and provided me good things for my new home.

During winter, we can see different winter style for women. . I wished I have read winter style guide for women before coming to Japan. But anyway, I survived and got used to it.

Now, I am in the Hawaii, United States. No heavy snows in my island. Most of the people are wearing casual summer styles, fall styles and spring style clothing. (Please follow the link assigned to every style you like to explore and it will lead you its respective style guide for your clothing needs).

I love to treat myself good by shopping any of the favorite clothing. Are you?

Changes in the Human Body After Death

When death occurs, the body will not have heartbeat, pulse, respiration, or blood pressure. Other signs you may see are:

  • the jaw drops, causing the mouth to stay open

  • eyelids partially open with eyes in a fixed stare.

  • incontinence of both urine and stool.

  • pupils are fixed and dilated (this means there is no blood flow inside the brain)