How to create backlinks for your website

Backlinking plays are vital role in driving more traffic to your website. Here are some few information on how to create back link. Remember: more backlink means more traffic and more money.


  • A library or articles or your Website. Obviously, you need to have a website, like blog, article writing sites, ad sense revenue site, etc.
  • Copy and Paste your URL or website and article links.  Highlight the link, and Copy and Paste it to any website mentioned in the preceding steps
  • Choose any of the following as to where to Paste or link your back link.
  1. Comment - Read other articles and blog and comment.
  2. Forum Signature- Some forum does not allow signature links that promote any website but you are share your website link if it is related to the thread or post.
  3. Write articles or content to another website and link it back to your website but some website limits any personal links for each article.
  4. Add your website or article profile to your facebook, myspace, friendster, blog catalogue, etc.
  5. Add a Share this icon at the end of your articles that enables your and readers to share it instantly.
  6. Create a blog or another website where you can showcase your articles or link any related posts from your library.



    How to Start Blogging With Adsense

    Plus Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

    Do you have a blog? Are you monetizing it? Why not? Although it is hard to earn in Google adsense if you do know how to manage it. It's just easy to post a blog, but if you want money from your blog like residual earning kind. You can add adsense, affliliate links, etc.

    Be a proud blogger. Don't just add anything about your life, your new car your feelings. Target your readers. What can you offer to your readers to make that made them subscribe, bookmark or visit regularly. Do not decorate you blogs with too pictures of yours, referral banners, etc. Make it professional looking have something that would benefit the readers. Don't forget to buy a domain name of your blog.

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    How to teach your parents to email

    electronic mail for your parents and grands

    This quite challenging for both of you. If your parents are good in computer you are lucky, it will just be easy for you to teach them how to Internet and emails. Imagine yourself when you are still a novice computer and Internet user. How much time did you spent to learn all this stuffs? You might build a bunch of patience as you start your journey of making them learn.

    1. Choose any email services that you think it would be easy for them to use. (Yahoo! MSN, Gmail etc).

    2. Create an account to any of them. Show them how you did it but do not expect them to learn on the spot.

    3. Create a short cut icon for the email service provider of your choice in computer desktop. Show it to them and explain how to open it.

    4. Teach them how to sign in and out, how to make create email messages, type email address, etc as you wish. Also try to teach them how to attach images or documents, how to forward emails or even the simple copy and paste tools.

    5. Evaluate them by sending email to yourself and how to reply emails.


    How to Setup Godaddy Domain in Blogger

    Two years ago, I bought website domains for my blogs at Godaddy.com and successfully installed it to my blogspot subdomain. Although, I could  get help at their website's FAQ or customer service but I prefer to see a visual presentation. Like a screen capture of the procedure. I don't wanna spend time reading long easy and several links and ended up frustration. I've found a good post that guided me through the process.
    Few months ago, I decided to buy  another domain for my personal website from the same company. Unfortunately, I lost the link for domain setup and domain forwarding. So did the same routine again but I told myself that I should a my own link for future use. I posted it in my eHow library, just follow the link below.

    How to Setup Godaddy domain for Blogger

    How to Apply for extra Time in Praxis Test

    For Primary Language is not English Test Takers

    Did you know that you can avail 50% extra time in taking Praxis test? This special privilege is for test takers whose Primary Language is Not English (PNLE). If you are a non-US applicant, this is a great opportunity for you to avail extra time during the test.
    Those who are taking test with non-standard time may not apply online. Submit your application via mail together with the required documents and fees.

    Here's how:

    1. Visit the Official website for Standardized tests ( Links can be found under resources). Look for the Praxis link under Tests. Search your State. Each State has varied requirements and standards passing score. This page will tell you how to find testing centers and dates.
    2. Download and print the following forms : Certification of Document (PDF), Eligibility , Registration, Fees. Links can be found under resources at the end of this article.
    3. Comply each requirements. You need to provide proof that English is not your Primary Language in certification of document. If you attended ESL class or any free adult ESL classes in your community, you can visit the administrator or teacher and have them sign the document.
    4. The forms have the complete information on where to send the mail after complying all requirements.
    5. You will receive a mail receipt for your application.

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    Recommended books:

    The Praxis Series Official Guide with CD-ROM, Second Edition: PPST® ? PLT? ? Subject Assessments (Praxis Series Official Guide: PPST Pre-Professional Skills Test (W/CD)) Kaplan PRAXIS

    What is praxis ?

    A Praxis test is one of a series of teacher certification exams written and administered by the Educational Testing Service. Various Praxis tests are usually required before, during, and after teacher training courses in the U.S.

    To be certified to teach in most U.S. states, one must earn qualifying scores on all parts of the Praxis I and certain Praxis II Content Area Assessments.

    The Praxis I, or Pre-Professional Skills Test (PPST), consists of three exams: reading, writing, and mathematics. In most colleges and universities, a passing score must be earned for admission to teacher education. In most states, a passing score must be earned before the teacher education graduate can apply for his or her teaching license or certificate. Read more from Wikipedia 

    How to Apply for extra time in Praxis test for Primary Language is not English test takers

    How to Pass Praxis 1 Mathematics Test

    Recommended books:
    The Praxis Series Official Guide The Praxis Series Official Guide with CD-ROM, Second Edition: PPST® ? PLT? ? Subject Assessments (Praxis Series Official Guide: PPST Pre-Professional Skills Test (W/CD))