Twitter Contest from CREDITLOAN

What is twitter? If you don't know about it, then you will be left behind. Most people and even kids knows about it. Sign up to twitter.com in order to create your account, follow other people's tweets that interest you. When you follow a tweet, the tweet that your are following follows you and your followers. Start your tweet now.

Did you know that there are twitter contests in the web? Contests that if you are lucky your will earn money or gift cards. Just like @creditloan twitter contest where you can win $1000 VISA Gift Card. This is easiest contest to join. Why? Simply follow the CREDITLOAD on twitter and then retweet the contest. But you need to have a twitter account in order to join. Read the contest rules for more information. I have just followed @creditloan and tweet!


ehow Experiment Updates - August 2009

August was very exciting month for me. I posted an article for my ehow experiment updates of my earnings and experiences from April - July. It was very good. The income trend was increasing and even doubled. There were few top earners articles and more non-earners articles. The number of views does not mean higher earnings but at at least there are chances.

Mid of August, ehow swept away huge articles. I lost 6 articles and 2 of those are my top earners. What does it mean? I means that my earning will become steady or slow. I was expecting that my income will be doubled from the previous month but it was just only slightly higher. And the number of views was affectect. Before the sweep I got 12,500 views.

Why articles were deleted? I got an email from ehow:

"As you may have noticed, we have been making great strides to clean up the eHow article library. This ongoing process is to improve the quality of the site and ensure that we are providing the best resource to our visitors looking to learn and accomplish a task. This email has been sent to you because one or more of your articles have been removed from your account for violating eHow submission guidelines. Please find a list of all affected titles below with reasons for removal next to each of them.
- Title: How to Take Driving Road Test in Hawaii, Reason: Poorly Written - Title: How to Make an ICT Project Proposal in the Philippines, Reason: Not In How To Format - Title: How to Find and Use Western Union Money Transfer Coupon and Promotional Codes, Reason: Not In How To Format - Title: How to Upload Blogger XML Templates, Reason: OTHER - Title: How to Make a Cover Letter for Adjustment of Status (AOS), Reason: Not In How To Format - Title: How to Add Blog Headline Animator to your Email Signature, Reason: SPAM
Note: If the reason provided says "Legacy Rejections," this means that the article was moderated and deemed unsuitable during a time when reasons for removal were not marked on articles. Furthermore, if you see the word "Other" as a reason, then the article had many violations and could not be listed. eHow.com is known for its reliable online solutions and in order to protect the reputation of the site and our highly regarded community, we must ensure that everyone is adhering to the eHow submission guidelines."

I am not complaining, this is a great chance for me to make quality articles : in how to format and the instructions must start with a verb. Double check for spelling and grammar.

My goal is to make 100 articles as what majority of the forum suggested in order to earn good. The more you write the more chances of earning. Sometimes I wrote articles not just for money. I have huge articles on origami and information technology integration in education, there might not be the keywords where people search everyday but at least there are people who will benefit in this topic.

Articles Written: 62
Article Views: 10,991
Earnings in August $33.60


Piano Sheet Music

I first learned about piano when I was in elementary school. It was taught by our Music teacher. We just listen as he played and I was amazed how good he was. But since there were 40 students in the classroom, I have just tried playing few times. It was just the simple notes that the teacher wanted us to master. When I was in High School, I never had a chance to play the piano. That lessons have no more follow up. I just enjoyed watching and listening piano at home in TV, movie or DVD. I always have a good time listening to it.

One day while watching America's Got Talent, there was a contestant who played piano excellently. The audience and judges were amazed and praised him for that awesome performance on stage. I enjoyed it very much too. I was wondering how do people come up with such a talent? Is it a God's Gift? Are they gifted?

While surfing on the Internet about piano, I just did random clicks of the search engine results. I was attracted with the website header, " Take your piano playing to the next level, become a better pianist today..." So I kept on reading. Under Piano Sheet Music, I found resources for free sheet music for easy listening or new age style. Then, I tried listening some audio files with each corresponding music sheet. It feels great!

Origami Of Geometric Figures

I made few articles on ehow about origami of geometric figures. I made this articles for students and teachers to enjoy geometry and origami. Learning by doing or hands-on, minds-on are some of the proven techniques in teaching mathematics. That is why I made this post; to help teachers making a difference in their teaching through origami- the art of paper folding.

The Origami of Geometric Figures features a slideshow of the instructions origami picture. Please check the site.

Below are my ehow articles on the following geometric figures. Enjoy folding, enjoy geometry!

Top Webhosting Providers

Internet is the best way to socialize, meet friends, to do business, find best deals on almost everything and much much more to offer. People use it in different ways. Students worldwide are already aware of the Internet. Most of them blogs, tweets, diggs, buy and sell online, write articles and earn online. There are also tons of resources on how to earn money online. Some examples are adding advertisements to your website or blogs. Advance Internet users are utilizing affiliates to some famous product. Others also write articles and enjoyed passive income every day. How nice to think that while you are traveling, sleeping and enjoying your favorite sports, you are still earning.

Some business are also successful when promoted online or by simply writing the links to your forum signature. All the things that I mentioned is attainable and achievable only when if we have our own website. That is why we need to find the best website hosting providers for our website or blog for a start. We should not jump in right away and buy the first web hosting plan that come our way while searching. It is always wise to search for some reviews and comments regarding that product. There is a website that rating each webhosting providers based on the costumer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and technical support. The name of the website is Web Hosting Rating and it largest web hosting directory with complete information, plans, promotions and discount coupons plus costumer reviews. You might also like to read its articles for references or resources.

ehow Experiment Updates

ehow is a one of the best online passive income on writing how to articles. I joined last April 4, 2009 and started writing articles based on my experiences, expertise and skills. I have tried bloggings and earned around $1,200 a year from the paid blogging sites that I joined. But I was discouraged and decided to stopped paid bloggings for various reasons : my Google Page Rank became 0, my website traffic and visitors are decreasing and I am tired taking opportunities, reviews and campaigns that was not my field of interest. Some articles was made for the sake of earning more offers even if the blogger is not familiar with the advertisers' requirements. I do not want to spend time researching and reading any sources or studying the advertisers' website links just to make posts.

That is why I research for some online earnings that will make money by sharing your skills and experiences without the pressure of catching opportunities. I have tried a few but I am happy with ehow. You can read ehow community forum for more information.

Below is my income experiment. Take note how my earnings are rising from $10.66 in April and $29.24 in July with 32 articles. I will not count my August earning since today is only the 3rd.

I got an email today, one new member asked me as to how many pageviews does it take to make income, so I made this post for her and for anyone wish to know how. This is my earning as of August 3, 2009. Take note the relationship of the articles with the highest earnings and the number of views.


Higher views does not always mean higher income or earnings although it makes a difference or it has greater chances.


Evaluate your articles:
  • How many people will be searching for that kind of topic or keywords?
  • Always re - read your articles for spelling and grammar.
  • Join or read ehow community forum.
  • Make 100 articles and earn higher income per month.
  • Read book from the top earner Writergig - Click here to view more details

Articles Written: 32
Article Views: 8,346
Earnings in July $29.24
(earnings will be updated monthly in this post)


Boots from Zappos Ed Hardy

I had a hard time choosing and buying boots for my 15 year old daughter. She wanted a simple but ones that really "rocked". We ran into different shops in malls but she was hesitant to buy and very meticulous in trying to get what she really wanted. I was tried following her and listening to her comments with the styles and looks that she says her peers like to wear.

To help hee I searched the web and I found Zappos.com. I let her view the gallery of all the boots that Ed Hardy is displaying. We decided to buy online with the discounted price plus the comfort of Zappos money back guarantee. Ordering together on line, we had fun and excitement. The shoes arrived quickly...just three days! She loves them. Now she is ready to rock n roll.

Since then, my daughter and her peers continued buying the Zappos Ed Hardy products. They are always watching for the latest designs that Ed hardy has to offer. I got a surprise when my husband told me that he has ordered from Zappos for over ten years! He knew of the Zappos Shoes selections as good design, quality and fashions at affordable prices. And the convenience is unbeatable!