How to Open email Attachments without downloading software

It’s a common sense to open email attachment, but if you don’t have the right software in installed in your computer, some attachments can not be opened. As you attempt to open the file, you will be prompted to pop up window prompting you search for software in your system or somewhere in the Internet.

Did you know that this is a way to open it without downloading any software?


1. Prepare the email will attachments that you need to open.
Download attachment and save it in your computer. Remember the folder where you save the file. To be safe, save it under My Documents.

2. Upload it in Google Docs.

Create Google account or sign in if you have an existing account. Look for Google Docs. Upload the email attachment files by browsing it in your computer. Click the link when done and you will be able to read, edit, publish, or share.

3. (Optional) Search for Google Docs to get the right website address. You can also check the Resources of this article to find the link.

How to send large email attachment files

There are instances that we need to send large email attachment files and our free email provider does not allow us to send big files. Or if our the recipient email provider does not accept large files. In this case we need to find some alternative to share our large files. Steps 1 will guide you in 3 steps while step 2 will show how in just 1 step. Both are free and no need to download any software.


Step 1. Send it using any free file hosting service in 3 steps: upload files, copy links and email it. Example are rapidshare and savefile. You can also grab your file codes and embed it in you website.

Step 2. Send it using filesfrom and fileapartment. This option is easy and simple. Just enter the required information in any of the site mentioned in this step. For example, in files form, you need to enter your email address, receiver’s email, browse file and optional message to your recipient before hitting Send File button. So, you can send your large file in just one step.

Step 3. Search other file hosting services by any of your favorite search engine. Some sites are not free.