ehow vs hubpages

I both created accounts for ehow and hubpages. I just wanted to see how these things work. Although you can earn online on both website but in my own observation, I earned more in ehow. In order to get paid for your articles in ehow (how to) , you need to earn at least $10 per month. They both use advertisements in order to earn. It's just that I earned more in writing articles for ehow than hubpages. I was thinking, maybe because of traffic. I earned a thousand of pageviews per month in ehow than in hubpages (less than 200 pageviews per month). I also cannot say that it was all about the topic or the kind of articles you wrote because all my articles in ehow and hubpages are related. Ahh... this is just an experiment.


Enhance Your Small Business

One common dilemma that a small business owner faces is that of how to enhance its business. Many people are using the internet as their first choice in searching for services and products. People expect a successful and progressive company to have a good looking business. When dealing with business, one should investigate first by making research, observations of related business or simply read reviews of other people who are in the business. Take your time and do not risk anything without proper planning or else it will end up to wasting you money, time, effort and energy. Find great successful business models and find out why they perform better among the rest. All these things can be achieved by writing, calling or interviewing those business owners.

A neat, precise and well planned project is a reflection on your small business. When potential customers find your project that moment is their first impression of your business. Make sure that you will engage experienced professionals and collaborate online to get project done.

Here’s an opportunity for professionals to find new clients and deliver work efficiently online. Check out Mavenlink and become a part of a talented group of professionals, enhancing your personal brand.


Worst Commercial Air Accident

Air France has told families of passengers on Flight 447 that the jetliner broke apart and they must abandon hope that anyone survived.

The plane broke apart either in the air or when it slammed into the ocean, carrying 228 people disappeared after leaving Rio de Janeiro for Paris on Sunday night.

Investigators were relying heavily on the plane's automated messages to help reconstruct what happened to the jet as it flew through towering thunderstorms. The messages detail a series of failures that end with its systems shutting down, suggesting the plane broke apart in the sky according to an aviation industry official with knowledge of the investigation.

Air France is the deadliest plane crash, and world's worst commercial air accident since 2001.


Gift Ideas: Hummingbirds Feeders

We have two lovebirds at home named Chinkee and Lovely Rita. They love each other. Chinkee is fun full of tricks and exhibitions. Two bad they are in the cage. I asked Jake, why we can not set them free. He said, the can not survive outside. They will die. Bigger birds will kill them and other wild animals. They can not find bird foods and we used to give from the store. I have tried one time to feed them with fruit and other human food but they don’t even try to taste it. I told myself, hummingbirds are lucky, they can freely free and roam around any places as far as they can. They are so cute chirping around your yard. Have you seen them? They come in different colors. One of the best way to attract them is to put hummingbird feeders outside your house and see how the number of hummingbirds grows around your house. I really enjoyed watching them with my nieces and nephews. They can't help to themselves and ran to the birds. hummingbird feeders is also one of the best gift ideas for parents, kids, teachers and special someone.

Educational Assistant Interview

I applied for an Educational Assistant last November 2008 and received a notice that I am eligible up to Level III and that they will contact me for interview. Yesterday, June 17, 2009, I was surprised to read the subject of my inbox about Request for Interview at Wilcox Elementary School on Thursday or Friday. I replied that I am available on Tuesday and Wednesday and so they set to on Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Right now, I am looking for resources for my interview.

Plastic Surgery Financing in Your Area

There are affordable plastic surgery financing in your area. A company called Medloan Finance is available to make your dreams and wishes come true when it come to breast augmentation and other cosmetic surgery procedures. This is one of the smartest deal that everyone who needs plastic surgery possible without waiting for some time for your savings to grow.

While I was reading a forum, someone posted a topic about how to avail plastic surgery financing. One of the members of the forum mentioned about LookingYourBest.com is a one place to go.


Testing Yola Website Builder

I was updating my ehow and hubpages articles. Trying to think about what to do to improve my online earnings. Yes, I have read articles on this stuffs and even tried a few. At present, I have made 22 ehow and 13 hubpages articles. I was observing how these things works. When I started writing on ehow, I still meet the required at $10 earnings per month in order for them to send money in your paypal account. So far, one of my posts on How to Take Certified Nurses Aide Test from Red Cross made me $18.73 as of today's date, while the rest on earned at most $2. Other articles never earned a penny. The highest number of views does not mean you can gain more earnings although there is a great chance of earnings.

I still have a big Question in mind : Are there any effective ways to earn good money online? Of course there are! But how can we achieved it?

By the way, I came across with yola when I was reading questions in Yahoo! Answers. Someone is asking for the best website builder and Yola is the answer. So, here I am now exploring Yola. If I will like its services, I will stay here for good.

I created a website. You can too!