Best Blog Hosting Plan

A friend recommended me a web hosting site to host my blogs, photos and videos and so I signed up and contented with what I have. Lately, I found a new web hosting service and started reading the site. In the main page, they have posted an independent reviews of the best web hosting providers under $10 per month. Each web hosting provider was ranked, indicating its feature, bonus features and hosting reviews. This is ideal for webmasters and bloggers to easily choose the best blog hosting plan or service for them. I found out also that my present web hosting service provider is not the on the top rank. Now, I am now cancelling my previous web hosting plan and go for the best deal for my blog hosting.

For those who are searching for web hosting services, take time to read reviews before purchasing.  

Earn Online by Writing Articles

There are many ways to earn online: surveys, paid blogging reviews, sweepstakes, contest and much more. Other people enjoyed writing articles on the following website:
Articles should be original. If you also have an article posted somewhere else, you can submit it as long as it is your original content, same author name or byline.  You can watch your earnings grows everyday depending on the topic you posted. Keep on writing. 


Kissimmee Adventures and More

A year ago Jake planned to visit 3 States in the mainland for a month vacation. I never been to the mainland and we lived in Hawaii. I am also very excited with the plan. We have plans to visit Alaska, Minnesota and Florida. We both like adventures, camping, hiking and sight seeing. We had camped out a lot and stayed in a tent from 2 – 5 days in each camping. I have noted down some itinerary of the trip including finances. One of the plans is to stay in motor home and explore it. Another plan is to stay in a hostel or stay in a cabin.

While searching on the web for some good deals in each State, I have found out a perfect place in to stay in Florida. It is called Kissimmee. As I opened the website, I was amazed how creative the design of the website is. It could really make you feel that you walk around the area by just browsing it. This is an excellent vacation destination for everybody. And there is also a chance of winning the the three weekend giveaways sweepstakes for 3 days/2night for two and 2 week vacation for four. I myself joined the sweepstakes, because there is no chance if you do not have an entry. Visit Kissimmee and join the sweepstakes.


Preparing for Praxis I Test

In order to become a teacher in United States, especially in Hawaii, we need to take take Praxis I and Praxis II, if we got lucky, we can then apply teaching license.
I took Praxis I ( Reading, Writing and Mathematics), unfortunately I failed on reading just 2 points away from the cut off score. I should have taken the test with an extra 50% time for each session since English is my Second Language. But I will still still keep trying. This coming April 25th, is the schedule of the test in Reading. I hope I can make it. 


Wooden Beds

Do you have preferences in choosing and buying a bed? I bet you always consider the price, its durability and practicality. It is a personal thing and we make sure that we can sleep comfortably in our bed.

When was the last time you got your bed? Do you still feel relaxed while using it every night?

If your home has less space or if your bedroom is large, there is another type of bed called under bed storage or storage beds. It might cost a little extra but it can increase the storage space available in your bed room.

There are various selection of beds to choose and buy at Time4Sleep . In this site, you can explore the different kinds of bed that fit your needs. There are beds on sale or avail some discounted beds and free delivery for orders £ 499. Some types of bed that are available at Time4Sleep are the following: Leather beds,
wooden beds, Children’s beds, Metal beds, Divans Bed, Storage Beds, French Style Beds, Antique Style Beds, Upholstered Beds, Guest Beds and White Beds.

At home hubby always complained about not sleeping well, even myself too, is not anymore comfortable with our bed. So we are thinking of buying one like storage beds for multi-purpose, since have plenty of stuffs to be stored.

Flower Arrangements


Best Squirrel Repellent

Before coming to United States, I only saw squirrel on TV, movies, cartoons, books and magazines. I think they are cute and I wish to see it in real. Unfortunately, in Hawaii, there are no squirrels and no snakes! Even rodents were brought over by ship.
My colleague mentioned one day, if I have tried eating squirrel. He must be kidding. I said, NO. While surfing in the Internet about squirrel, I have found out that there were plenty of people in different forums who were sharing about  problems on squirrel. You can really feel, how desperate they were while looking for some ideas, tips and answers to their posts. People have varied problems on squirrel and all are worst. When I read the responses: there were people suggested on trapping them, but there were numerous people suggested on using repellents. They mentioned different types of repellent, some were effective and some where not. That is why is it good to wait and see other replies until they came up with the best one - the Havahart® products squirrel repellent. The solution is also for dear and rabbits. Try it!

Kauai Beaches : Lydgate State Park

Lydgate State Park is located just south of Wailua River. It is composed of a picnic area, large patch of grass, restrooms, nice large playground, showers, lifeguard, ponds. These ponds are safe to swim for adults and kids. It is created to allow fresh seawater and fish into the pond, while protecting you from the ocean force.. It is a most popular fish feeding place in  the island.


Love Link: Punk Match

Punk Match.com is newest online punk rock dating site where members can easily upload photos, chat using instant messenger with video and audio, access to forums, emails, little black book, video profiles and newsfeeds. Find your match in your area or statewide and enjoy its services for free.


My SmartSpace Journey

It was my dream to create a family website in order to be connected with my family from Philippines, New Zealand, Saudi Arabia, and United Kingdom. The website should have the following features:

  • Free from advertisements, spams, viruses, spy ware and secured.
  • User friendly.
  • Built-in chat for my family and close friends.
  • Can host blogs and emails.
  • Photo albums gallery with easy browse and upload capability, thumbnails, filmstrips, and slideshows with music background.
  • Unique and professional designs and templates.
  • Affordable.
  • Can hold all my social networks sites.
  • Keep all my files.

I spent months searching for the perfect web hosting plan that fits my needs. I ended up spending hours reading and even tried several free software trials.  This all took much  time and effort.

 I am reminded of one day while I was helping my brother in Philippines to get a domain for his blog.  I logged in to godaddy and processed an order. On the left side column, I read about the SmartSpace contest.  It was very intriguing but the story I told my self is that, “ It is impossible for me to win since English is my second language and I am a novice PC user.” In other words, at that time I was not interested in joining the contest. Now however, since I was searching for the ideal web features mentioned above, I found myself reading the SmartSpace again.  Amazing! Why? I’ve found all the keywords that I was searching for over the last few months.   And that motivates me to keep reading and to keep going.  I finally decided to try this product and I set up the order.

While working with SmartSpace, I did not encounter problems in setting up my website alone. I never contacted the costumer service even if I have no Web development training. It  was all easy and super user-friendly. I do not need to read too much instructions; just click, type, upload and you are ready to go. I never worry about publishing help. It's just a click away and edit anytime. And most of all I am happy and contended with the outcome of the project. I am proud of my work. I shared it to my family and friends. They started visiting my website, leave comments, enjoy music, videos, pictures. SmartSpace helps me, my family and special friends stay connected with love and care. 



HDTV-a-day from Charter


If you happen to visit some malls, stores or shopping centers, you can find displays of HDTV of varied sizes. Every family would like to have one. Prices are reasonable, depending on the model or brand and specifications. My husband bought a 46 inches HDTV last month. We were both happy and enjoyed connecting every cord until we finally configured the TV. It really makes a difference than watching shows the old TV that we got.

Have you heard about charter.com? If you already know about it and had purchased some of their products like cable, high speed Internet or telephone, let me be the first to tell you that they have a special sweepstakes promo on HDTV -a-day where you can win a 22” flat screen HDTV every day throughout April. And a grand prize winner of  52” LCD flat screen HDTV, a Home Theater System, and one year of free Charter Digital Cable® service with HD programming.  It is open to new and upgrading costumers. This is a great chance to win HDTV for our family. Visit Charter today.


Three Legged Miniature Poodle Dog


Las Vegas Painter

While playing scrabble with my friends in the recreation area one night, the person who volunteers to lock the gate of the condominiums happened to dropped by and politely greeted everybody. He mentioned about the painting of his condo. He has 2 cats and 2 sons. He shared how hard tough the day was. They keep moving things around while the other part of the condo was being painted. They all sleep together with the cats. That was fun listening to his story. It happened that one of my scrabble playmates knew about the guy who did the painting and they all agreed that he was such a great painter and a perfectionist one. It really makes his condo new and has life.

Talking about painting jobs, there are tons of painters to choose from. They offer great services at affordable cost. Have you tried Las Vegas painter? The team has 95 years experience in construction industry, specializes in Stucco, Paint & Drywall and offers free estimates and annual checkup. For more information contact K & D Construction LLC 4367 W Sunset Rd Bldg. G, Suite A, Las Vegas, NV 89118 telephone number (702) 358-0314.

Kilauea Light House

When you visit Kaua'i - The Garden Island in Hawaii, United States, don't forget to drop by at Kilauea Light House. It is one of the famouse landmark in Kauai. It is a great experience.

150 Fun Songs For Kids at $ 0.99 on Easter Sunday


Yesterday, I was busy at work, I was wondering why people were roaming around in any corner of the Long term care facility. Housekeepers, Clinical Assistants, Nurses Aides, Maintenance Staff, Activity Aides and Nurses. Everyone has great smiles, asking everyone if they found some eggs. It reminds me about Easter eggs hunting. Today, I’ve heard them talking about who got more eggs and won some prizes. That was fun.

Kids too love Easter eggs hunting as much as adults. That’s why it is a good idea to add some fun on Easter Sunday at home. Make your kids other family members excited on Easter eggs hunting and play songs for kids. While making this post, I am also listening to the 150 Fun Songs For Kids at $ 0.99 sale on Easter Sunday, (April 12, 2009) from Amazon "MP3 Deal Of The Day" on the digital album where it normally sells for $9.49. You can save more when you buy it on sale.



Queen's Bath

Queen's bath is a large pool the size of several swimming pools carved by nature into a lava shelf with an inlet from the ocean for fresh sea water to flow. It is a marvelous pool to swim in. Fish get in through the inlet, making it all the more charming. It's a great place to take your underwater camera.

To get there, follow the trail of Kapiolani Rd near Punahele Rd in Princeville.


BeeWell Miles: Walk or Run for a Cause!

Jake is a hyperactive adult, full of energy! He regularly likes to do hiking trails, go camping, and a daily early morning aerobic walk routine done to a DVD. Plus, he walks for 3 miles every day. At first, I hated the idea of all this physicality. I had done hiking when I was working in a far flung area and had to walk in and out to my job site weekly. And I did lots of Girl’s scout camping. BUT that was so long ago. ten years and more. My life style had changed. Jake was much too healthy for me! He got energy for all that activity by eating lots of fruits, vegetables and healthy food supplements.

When I read about the BeeWell Miles from Bumble Bee foods, I told myself, “Why not?” I was already starting to do all those walks without any charitable cause– the main goal is to be healthy and loss weight. BeeWell Miles will donate 15 cents for every mile to Breast Cancer Network of Strength from April 1, 2009 to October 31, 2009 (up to $200,000 donations). You can start the program by logging in your miles in the website’s activity tool. You will also discover the calories you burn. Explore the BeeWell Miles for complete details and information. Jake and I continue our 3 mile walk per day routine and monthly hiking and camping activity but now we do it for a cause. I can't wait for you to join us.


Secret Beach

The Secret Beach is also known as Kauapea Beach and it is accessible via 10-15 minute hike.It is the Kaua'i's premier nude beach. Public nudity is illegal in Hawaii and police issues tickets there. This long, golden sand beach is swimmable during winter, but on calm summer days it can be a delight for swimming and offers good snorkeling. It has an exception scenic beauty. There are small waterfalls and few places where water squirts from the side of the cliff.

To get to the Secret Beach, turn right off the first eastern

Kalihiwai road, then right on the first dirt road you encounter.

SEARS: 75 - 80% OFF on Fall and Winter Apparel

Thrift stores, bazaars and malls are the most visited places by some for their fall and winter apparels. In general, people think that they can save more by purchasing used clothing to thrift shops and bazaars or even shopping to the nearest and famous malls. Although it is always good to buy in thrift shops most especially if it is a non-profit organization for a cause and run by volunteers. It is good to help.

If you have not explore shopping online, try shopping at Sears, you can compare prices from the malls and see that difference. Starting today until April 18th, we can avail 75 – 80% off on fall and winter apparel. Think about how much money you can save when you by it from stores and malls in your area and compare it from the thrift shops. If you can get it with the same price but the difference is, it’s brand new and not used. We are all aware how convenient to shop online, less pressure, stress, no driving, easy to browse items you like, ready checkout cart plus special offers and discounted products.

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Larsen's Beach

This has a crystal clear water, lots of beachcombing and seclusion. It is named after a former manager at Kilauea Plantation David Larsen. This beach is splendidly isolated but can be accessed by walking down a gently sloping trail. Off to the right are a bunch of lava rocks that make for good snorkeling if conditions are right. Underwater topography creates good conditions for beachcombing. To the left is a long crescent of sand broken by occasional outcroppings of rock and reef.