ADT Alarm Systems Shepard

Dear Blog Friends.  Jack and I feel so secure since our last post to you...We got our ADT home monitoring system installed yesterday!  Its called the ADT Alarm Systems ShepardADT Everybody has heard of .  They have been in business for 130 YEARS and have everything you might want.  We got monitoring for medical emergencies as well as home invasions/burglaries.  You know our friends down the street had that horrible experience last month...I feel so much better now.  Jack says they tailored the plan to his exact budget.  

Later we may try their other cutting edge options like cell guard, two way voice and ADT Pulse.  Jack says that last one will allow us to SEE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE our house from anywhere at any time no matter where in the world we are.  When we go traveling it will really give us extra peace of mind...My friend Selma Marlene-Washington also has this system...I think I feel better than when we had both German Shepard living with us...And We don't have to feed and walk ADT!  Please let us know if you try them, and how it goes for you.  We can compare notes.