Zappos: Still the best online shoes store

I interviewed my some of my friends as about what are their experiences with Zappos. They all have good and bad but the bad turns into good. One example is the experiences of my husband. I just learned that he knew this company for a long time; in fact, longer than he knew me. Below is his story:

"I was skeptical about ordering shoes over the Internet of course...but it worked great.  I was an early user starting about 8 years ago...before they became so well known and one of the really big success stories on the net...

I got shoes the were cheaper than anywhere else and when they didn't fit in a few cases.  the big Z took them back with no questions asked and NO MONEY OUT OF MY POCKET.   The second best thing is that I get to chose from a wider display of diffident brands and styles and sizes and colors.  WAY MORE choices than even possible at any brick and mortar store...the kind you go into and try to get sales help at, I mean. Smile

Finally,  the big Z sends the shoes FAST.  I could hardly believe it the first time I ordered.  It took only two days!

Even today, eight years later, I am still so very pleased with my ability to buy shoes from Zapposes.  It is Fast and cheap and the biggest selection ever.  They have become so successful because they  are what all about what Internet shopping is suppose to be.