What is Get Paid To (GPT)?

Are you new to Get Paid to (GPT) world? You might have tried tons of these websites. Some of us are still doing it and some stopped and hate GPT sites. Some examples of GPT sites are:
  • get paid to Click (PTC)
  • get paid to take surveys
  • get paid to try products
  • get paid to read emails
  • get paid to blog
  • get paid to write reviews
  • get paid to view and upload videos
  • get paid to write how - to articles
  • get paid to search
  • get paid to upload any contents
I have tried few of them but not successful as others. There are only few GPT sites that guaranteed earnings and no scams. I know you hate spending time in the Internet for nothing. But it happens specially if you are searching for Work at Home Jobs. The more we search, the more we try and the more read reviews, the greater the chance of achieving our goals.

Assess your self if you really like Get Paid To as your online earning options. But sometimes is also better to try to read some reviews and join forums for your favorite Pay To Click sites. Read members' success stories, strategies and proof of income. Do not believe easily as to what you read for certain sites. It's just the opinion of the author who are trying to convince you sign up under his/her referral. Use you own judgments. Read more about it and then think about it. Try to experiment and see how it works.

Follow your Dream Job at Learn.com

My career’s success lies in learn.com and that is why from the very beginning, learn.com, help me to become motivated and a unique individual with specific goals in the future. Once you become a member of learn.com you’ll be a part of the inevitable growth.

Each member is individually capable of blending values with continuous training and development, which makes foundation in a company or firm. Career growth with learn.com would never be far-fetched.

I believe that learn.com rewards the opportunity to advance through learning and development program whether local or international. This Elearning program would enable qualified and enthusiastic career advancement contributing to self-growth and to the company's as well.

Learn.com truly pursues to bring out your best. Success in your career will elevate to great heights in your working industry.


ehow Experiment Updates - September 2009

I have just reached my 100th articles in 5 months. Last August I had only 62 articles. I just keep on writing and trying to figure out how to increase my earnings. At least I am now on the $56 up. Expecting for my new articles (40 in last September) to bloom. My next goal to reach at least $100 payout each month.

Below are my articles page views with its corresponding earnings (top earners).

Articles Written: 102 (Updated: 10/2/2009)
Article Views: 20,370 (Updated: 10/2/2009)


How to Facilitate Halloween Party

Planning is the key for a successful Halloween party. Make this event fun, unique and memorable to everyone. This article serves as a guide in facilitating Halloween party in your area.

Read more on how to facilitate Halloween Party ehow articles.


Rehab at Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Pool

You don’t need a special occasion to pop open the champagne! Now you can toast to new friends, have fun and meet interesting party people! Go and party with them in rehab at the Hard Rock Hotel, the hottest party in the world! Treat yourself as guests enjoy the beaming elegance of the pool. The fun possibilities in REHAB are endless and can accommodate many goers. Regardless of how many people are in the pool, the water is bubbly flowing and it guarantee a wonderful time.

Visit truTV's Rehab to see how it’s like to be there. Explore the site and you will be amazed how fun to join the party. Watch some videos on how people enjoy it and make you feel like joining the excitement and pleasure. Get Rehab Ready Sweepstakes is also available for anyone to join
with grand price of: trip for two to Las Vegas Hard Rock Hotel & Casino Pool and much more. Visit the contest link for more information and details.

Sure, it is an elegant fun affair, which captures the essence of music, the elegance of champagne, with accented sparkling lights. Come, join us and indulge yourself in the coolest place only at the hard rock! See you there.



Redgage Experiment

I joined redgage when I reading a forum in ehow. One member inform the community that she will be on TV because she was interviewed for online earning episode and for redgage and ehow. So I was curious what's in redgage. I then created an account, update profiles and start posting. I was amazed how easy to publish content in this website while you are being paid for your content. All your website links will be synchorined and became authomatically your content. Easy to upload photos, documents, videos and link plus a bunos everytime your content will be features. They also run contests every day. See you there!


Plumbing Designs from Pexheat

I am a newly graduate civil engineering, an active career woman and it is my honor to spread the news that PEXHEAT touches the finishing of my on going construction of my dream house. We have discussed by my co-partner in plumbing design that we will be going to have and buy a good quality at low cost, following the specifications and standards of the materials we purchased and put in my house. And finally, a colleague friend suggests us to look and see what this company will offer to us. As we go through with the websites and create a log in ID, we access all the materials they sell at low cost. Plus, it gives us the benefit to learn other things outside school thru their websites. We are doing business at the same time it’s a learning process we grab as newly engineers because we can communicate thru their sales representatives on the internet and mobiles. And you can submit your designs and they will give you the accurate billings and cost of your project.

The materials they are selling, tubing fixtures, pipes and other engineering materials are conforms to specifications and standards of construction materials. The delivery arrives as our expected time and as we check the quality and conditions of the materials is in good condition. And it passed with our careful scrutiny, observations and of standard. We didn’t hesitate to order more of the materials we needed and buy other products they sell at low cost. It saves your time, money and you get the satisfaction for your choice. Let your dream house build. Let pexheat.com serves you!


Twitter Contest from CREDITLOAN

What is twitter? If you don't know about it, then you will be left behind. Most people and even kids knows about it. Sign up to twitter.com in order to create your account, follow other people's tweets that interest you. When you follow a tweet, the tweet that your are following follows you and your followers. Start your tweet now.

Did you know that there are twitter contests in the web? Contests that if you are lucky your will earn money or gift cards. Just like @creditloan twitter contest where you can win $1000 VISA Gift Card. This is easiest contest to join. Why? Simply follow the CREDITLOAD on twitter and then retweet the contest. But you need to have a twitter account in order to join. Read the contest rules for more information. I have just followed @creditloan and tweet!


ehow Experiment Updates - August 2009

August was very exciting month for me. I posted an article for my ehow experiment updates of my earnings and experiences from April - July. It was very good. The income trend was increasing and even doubled. There were few top earners articles and more non-earners articles. The number of views does not mean higher earnings but at at least there are chances.

Mid of August, ehow swept away huge articles. I lost 6 articles and 2 of those are my top earners. What does it mean? I means that my earning will become steady or slow. I was expecting that my income will be doubled from the previous month but it was just only slightly higher. And the number of views was affectect. Before the sweep I got 12,500 views.

Why articles were deleted? I got an email from ehow:

"As you may have noticed, we have been making great strides to clean up the eHow article library. This ongoing process is to improve the quality of the site and ensure that we are providing the best resource to our visitors looking to learn and accomplish a task. This email has been sent to you because one or more of your articles have been removed from your account for violating eHow submission guidelines. Please find a list of all affected titles below with reasons for removal next to each of them.
- Title: How to Take Driving Road Test in Hawaii, Reason: Poorly Written - Title: How to Make an ICT Project Proposal in the Philippines, Reason: Not In How To Format - Title: How to Find and Use Western Union Money Transfer Coupon and Promotional Codes, Reason: Not In How To Format - Title: How to Upload Blogger XML Templates, Reason: OTHER - Title: How to Make a Cover Letter for Adjustment of Status (AOS), Reason: Not In How To Format - Title: How to Add Blog Headline Animator to your Email Signature, Reason: SPAM
Note: If the reason provided says "Legacy Rejections," this means that the article was moderated and deemed unsuitable during a time when reasons for removal were not marked on articles. Furthermore, if you see the word "Other" as a reason, then the article had many violations and could not be listed. eHow.com is known for its reliable online solutions and in order to protect the reputation of the site and our highly regarded community, we must ensure that everyone is adhering to the eHow submission guidelines."

I am not complaining, this is a great chance for me to make quality articles : in how to format and the instructions must start with a verb. Double check for spelling and grammar.

My goal is to make 100 articles as what majority of the forum suggested in order to earn good. The more you write the more chances of earning. Sometimes I wrote articles not just for money. I have huge articles on origami and information technology integration in education, there might not be the keywords where people search everyday but at least there are people who will benefit in this topic.

Articles Written: 62
Article Views: 10,991
Earnings in August $33.60


Piano Sheet Music

I first learned about piano when I was in elementary school. It was taught by our Music teacher. We just listen as he played and I was amazed how good he was. But since there were 40 students in the classroom, I have just tried playing few times. It was just the simple notes that the teacher wanted us to master. When I was in High School, I never had a chance to play the piano. That lessons have no more follow up. I just enjoyed watching and listening piano at home in TV, movie or DVD. I always have a good time listening to it.

One day while watching America's Got Talent, there was a contestant who played piano excellently. The audience and judges were amazed and praised him for that awesome performance on stage. I enjoyed it very much too. I was wondering how do people come up with such a talent? Is it a God's Gift? Are they gifted?

While surfing on the Internet about piano, I just did random clicks of the search engine results. I was attracted with the website header, " Take your piano playing to the next level, become a better pianist today..." So I kept on reading. Under Piano Sheet Music, I found resources for free sheet music for easy listening or new age style. Then, I tried listening some audio files with each corresponding music sheet. It feels great!

Origami Of Geometric Figures

I made few articles on ehow about origami of geometric figures. I made this articles for students and teachers to enjoy geometry and origami. Learning by doing or hands-on, minds-on are some of the proven techniques in teaching mathematics. That is why I made this post; to help teachers making a difference in their teaching through origami- the art of paper folding.

The Origami of Geometric Figures features a slideshow of the instructions origami picture. Please check the site.

Below are my ehow articles on the following geometric figures. Enjoy folding, enjoy geometry!

Top Webhosting Providers

Internet is the best way to socialize, meet friends, to do business, find best deals on almost everything and much much more to offer. People use it in different ways. Students worldwide are already aware of the Internet. Most of them blogs, tweets, diggs, buy and sell online, write articles and earn online. There are also tons of resources on how to earn money online. Some examples are adding advertisements to your website or blogs. Advance Internet users are utilizing affiliates to some famous product. Others also write articles and enjoyed passive income every day. How nice to think that while you are traveling, sleeping and enjoying your favorite sports, you are still earning.

Some business are also successful when promoted online or by simply writing the links to your forum signature. All the things that I mentioned is attainable and achievable only when if we have our own website. That is why we need to find the best website hosting providers for our website or blog for a start. We should not jump in right away and buy the first web hosting plan that come our way while searching. It is always wise to search for some reviews and comments regarding that product. There is a website that rating each webhosting providers based on the costumer satisfaction, affordability, reliability, uptime and technical support. The name of the website is Web Hosting Rating and it largest web hosting directory with complete information, plans, promotions and discount coupons plus costumer reviews. You might also like to read its articles for references or resources.

ehow Experiment Updates

ehow is a one of the best online passive income on writing how to articles. I joined last April 4, 2009 and started writing articles based on my experiences, expertise and skills. I have tried bloggings and earned around $1,200 a year from the paid blogging sites that I joined. But I was discouraged and decided to stopped paid bloggings for various reasons : my Google Page Rank became 0, my website traffic and visitors are decreasing and I am tired taking opportunities, reviews and campaigns that was not my field of interest. Some articles was made for the sake of earning more offers even if the blogger is not familiar with the advertisers' requirements. I do not want to spend time researching and reading any sources or studying the advertisers' website links just to make posts.

That is why I research for some online earnings that will make money by sharing your skills and experiences without the pressure of catching opportunities. I have tried a few but I am happy with ehow. You can read ehow community forum for more information.

Below is my income experiment. Take note how my earnings are rising from $10.66 in April and $29.24 in July with 32 articles. I will not count my August earning since today is only the 3rd.

I got an email today, one new member asked me as to how many pageviews does it take to make income, so I made this post for her and for anyone wish to know how. This is my earning as of August 3, 2009. Take note the relationship of the articles with the highest earnings and the number of views.


Higher views does not always mean higher income or earnings although it makes a difference or it has greater chances.


Evaluate your articles:
  • How many people will be searching for that kind of topic or keywords?
  • Always re - read your articles for spelling and grammar.
  • Join or read ehow community forum.
  • Make 100 articles and earn higher income per month.
  • Read book from the top earner Writergig - Click here to view more details

Articles Written: 32
Article Views: 8,346
Earnings in July $29.24
(earnings will be updated monthly in this post)


Boots from Zappos Ed Hardy

I had a hard time choosing and buying boots for my 15 year old daughter. She wanted a simple but ones that really "rocked". We ran into different shops in malls but she was hesitant to buy and very meticulous in trying to get what she really wanted. I was tried following her and listening to her comments with the styles and looks that she says her peers like to wear.

To help hee I searched the web and I found Zappos.com. I let her view the gallery of all the boots that Ed Hardy is displaying. We decided to buy online with the discounted price plus the comfort of Zappos money back guarantee. Ordering together on line, we had fun and excitement. The shoes arrived quickly...just three days! She loves them. Now she is ready to rock n roll.

Since then, my daughter and her peers continued buying the Zappos Ed Hardy products. They are always watching for the latest designs that Ed hardy has to offer. I got a surprise when my husband told me that he has ordered from Zappos for over ten years! He knew of the Zappos Shoes selections as good design, quality and fashions at affordable prices. And the convenience is unbeatable!


ehow: Resize YouTube Player

Embedding Youtube player for personal websites or blogs are one of the best features in our site. We can change the size of the player to fit the desing of our website. Follow these simple procedures and you will be delighted to see how you can easily resize not only Youtube player but also other video player codes online for your website or blogs....


Blogging Success and Failures

When you enter into the world of blogging, you will learn almost every single details as to how this stuff works, how you can make money with your blogs, how to gain traffic, how to increase readership, how to find the best template for your blog or website and much more how to's that you will encounter while you are on your way to this kind of business or hobby.
Reading articles on how to create an effective, productive or income generating blogs is essential also in order to reach your main goal. Like you, I have spend much of my time reading articles about how this things works and some recommendations of those who are ahead of us as well as the lessons learned from those who stopped blogging. Based on what I have read and heard from different sources, those bloggers who quit are due to :
  1. Lack of interest.
  2. Busy with new job or work.
  3. Low traffic.
  4. Fewer visitors.
  5. No more post or article to make.
  6. Laziness to update blogs
  7. Decreased Google Page Ranks or PR zero
  8. Adsense account was disabled due to invalid clicks.
  9. Low or no affiliate and advertisement income.
  10. Language
Meanwhile, those who are still into bloggings have maintained the opposite of the reasons mentioned above. They even made more development of their blogs and even expanded and created more website. I remember one author said that " the greatest mistakes that bloggers did was to stopped blogging ". After making a blog or website for few months, they stopped. We need to take note that traffic or visitors are earned over time. The more post we make and the more efforts we make in order to promote our website or blog, the more chance of reaching our goal.
Here are few tips that I have learned about successful blogging:
  1. Examine your title, articles or posts. Most authors or successful bloggers recommends to have one theme. Topics that will lead the readers to bookmark your site or to subscribe to you posts. It does not matter if your will just make 20 articles of same theme. Readers will come back and spend more time in your site if they found your site useful.
  2. Examine your website design and template. Does it matches your title? Does the graphics are related to the theme? Do not put more graphics. Avoid to many widgets. Do not add ad links that have pop ups. It is annoying. Put yourself in the readers shoe and you will never visit that site again.
  3. Examine how long your page will load. How many seconds or minutes until it will be fully loaded. This happens when you add more pictures in the website. When you created a post with pictures, try to edit it or embed the image URL or just the image link. Photobucket and Flickr are some places to edit the size or the get html or image URL links.
  4. Create 5 or more Lengthy articles.

Love Birds Ville

I joined Johnsonville contest under Get Crazy Category.

At home, we have two lovely birds: Yellow and Red is Chinkee, a male bird who has been lonely for 5 months alone in one of our room. Green and White is Lovely Rita, a female bird who came along 4 months ago. When Rita came, Chinkee was no longer interested in me. He focused all his attention to Lovely Rita. I felt that he doesn't even want to see me.... Wahhhh. They stayed in the next room, where windows are closed all day. I just give them food and water. At first they were not in the cage. They freely flew around the room. And mess around the room! Oh my..... terrible!
So, I decided to moved them in the living room, where they can see the nature, feel the fresh air, see other birds chirping but inside the cage. At least now, their voices are heard, they chirped and make much noise when they hear other birds.I can tell how happy they are in their new paradise. Look how lovely they are. So close, but they are not doing bad. It is just their nature, they used to rest and sleep like that. Hello, Smile!-chinkee & rita


Armani Exchange New Premium Denim at $98

Since I moved to Hawaii , I haven't purchased Jeans for myself. Every time I visited malls and stores I couldn't find the pair that fit my taste, style and size. I have tried fitting numerous times to see if I'm comfortable and I ended up going on without any new Jeans!
One day, it just flashes in my thoughts the idea of trying to purchase Denim online. It worked! I can see how the fabric is and its style by using the zoom and other features at dozens of online sites. I now find my favorite site: Armani Exchange featuring the New Premium Denims starting at $98. I can't tell you how many jeans I've already ordered. And, I have an order for another pair in my cart right now. Smile.

These are some of my favorites:

  1. Light Wash Jeans online exclusive of 30% off and now & $89 from $125 regular price.
  2. Potassium Straight Leg $98.
  3. Wing Printed Boot Cut. $125.
I like to treat myself on occasion like for my birthday this month. And I think I have found the best deals! I can also shop for other products like blouses, accesories and even mensware. And so far, all my orders have been eligible for free shipping.

In addition to that, I am also interested in "text AX contest" and the SMS campaign as well - to win a pair of denim every day for the moth of July by texting the keyword "DENIM2" to ARMANI (276264). FYI: Customers who purchase a full price pair of denim from Armani Exchange, in store or online, between 7/7/09 – 7/19/09 will receive a gift card of $20 off you next purchase of $100 or more, valid 7/30/09 through 8/15/09. For more information about this product follow AX Blog.



My Online Earning Journey

The Search

I am one of the Internet users who wanted to earn money online. I have read some advertisements about it, click and read tons of ads and articles but ended up wasting my time. For a beginner like me, it was really hard. I didn't know how to start, what to believe and what to focused on. All are experimental. It is really true as what the famous qoute written, "Experience is the best teacher". You will encounter numerous of "how to's" in your mind. In times like this, you need to:

  • be patient
  • learn from your mistakes
  • seek help by posting comments to relevant articles, forums and contact authors if necessary
  • do not give up
  • keep on reading blogs, articles,books and magasines
  • identify scams by reading reviews
  • read every terms and conditions before accepting it.
  • read FAQ's
The Forum

Online Forum is one of the best place to check. There are forums for work at home, online earnings, scams, reviews and etc. It is also another way of bringing more traffic to your website by making a signature of your website so that everytime you post a topic or respond to any topic, your signature can be viewed and will lead readers to visit your site.

I first learned about how to earn online in the forum. I joined a forum called The World of Filipinas and I used to check on New Post almost everyday. At first, I was just a member, a reader and then I started posting topics. At that time there were people who were talking about bloggingsand Payperpost were the most popular. They were talking about some short cuts or terms where I was not familiar : ppp for payperpost, opp for oppurtunities and ss for socialspark, blogsv, payu and etc. I asked them what each of them stands for. They were very excited sharing experiences and how they enjoyed catching opps, the difficulties in making post and techniques on how to make it easier.

People also posted about surveys, paid emails and there were times that people get crazy oncashcrate thing!

Blogging Journey


I started using blogger about 3 years ago. Just a signed up thing and posted 2-4 posts and even forgot my login id and password. Maybe I made 2-3 accounts to note. I did not post regularly in Blogger since I have no proper motivation. It was just a try. I had no idea about adsense thing.

When I learned about blogging, people started with a blogspot account. I created one again. Now what? According to some sources, in order to be approved to some paid blogs and reviews, our blog should at least 3 months old with at least 20 original posts. I also need to build traffic to my website by following their suggestions:

  • submit my URL to major search engines
  • submit it to social network working sites
  • add chat box
  • exchange links with co-bloggers
  • update posts regularly
  • create buzz

I did all those stuffs. I know there are still tons of ways to promote a website but being a novice PC user and blogger, that was all I know.


I have 4 wordpress accounts. But I did not use my wordpress for my paid blogs. No reason. Although, I was happy with wordpress, I enjoyed watching my traffic and its sources from the dashboard statistics and also I got Page Rank 3 in my 2 blogs and PR 2 in other blogs. I think I earned more traffic in wordpress. Every time I received email from wordpress comments,it was all heaven.

Get Paid to Blog Sites

When my blogs was ready, I submitted it to some paid blogging sites. Each get paid to blog sites has its own rules, conditions and requirements. The sites mentioned below are some of the sites that I joined and made money.


I think the earnings will depends on the following:

  • Pagerank - The higher the PR the more opportunities available to be taken and you can choose great offers.
  • Domain - If your domain is a dot com, your can avail more opportunities than having a blogspot.com, wordpress.com, and others.
  • Categories - Some offers does not belong to the cateregories you setup. Change it and be sure you are able to make post for every category you have choosen.
  • Frequency of Checking Opps - Some people stays awake at night or get up at early morning to catch more and better offers.
  • Referrals - Post referral banners in your website. I have 10 referral earnings at $15 each approved bloggers.

I joined smorty, blogsvertise, socialspark and payingpost and made few bucks. My overall income for my bloggings is around $1200 for one year.

When we did paid bloggings, our google page rank will go down. And it happens to me. I got PR 0 on blogspot site and it means that you can get low offers. We can avoid this by not adding any sponsored posts banners to our site. I only have one website for my paid bloggings. I decided to stop blogging because it will be a waste of time again unless I will create another blogs and will start from scratch again.

Online Surveys

I've learned my lessons on taking online surveys. What a waste of time for few cents! Imagine, answering surveys for 20-30 minute or an hour for a $2 promise that would never come until you reach their payout requirements. The worst thing happened to me was my computer crashed for installing survey software and clicking some survey ads just to proceed with the survey. Mal wares or spy ware, Trojans and viruses were what I gained for entertaining surveys. I was also risking personal identify to those people that I never meet plus unwanted calls from their marketing partners. Some people said not to write your own phone number except for the area code, but it is unfair for those who match the telephone number we entered. I also received survey via mail, promising for a tons of coupons and sweepstakes and all. I did it all but never received anything.

I know not all online earning stuffs works for everybody that is we need to try and see what works best for us.

Paid Emails

Before joining any paid emails, we should search for reviews of each site. It is best way to know if the site is a scam, if they pay good or not. I joined inboxdallors, snapdollars and cashcrate before.

For InboxDollars, we need to have $30 earnings before we can request for payments. I would like to stop, but was motivated to join when I read an article on ehow about paid emails, she set date for cashout, shopping online for birthday or on December for Christmas. It is so boring to read/click and it takes 3-5 seconds but anyway my current earning is $27.45 so I'l just buy it and cashout without a word and say bye bye!

I made a mistake for starting to paid emails on snapdollars, I did not check for reviews! Just a week ago, I checked and found some complains, so good bye!

Cashrate at first I got crazy, there were people who posted on forum about how they earned big bucks for cashcrate, showing their checks and the post was so convincing. But I only tried it for a week because I found out that it was a waste of time and my computer crashes. It is not a scam.

Other Online Contest Success Story

Your skills can help you become successful in any online contest opportunities that you might like to join. Although I do not have formal trainings in origami and video making but I made a try.

Video Contest

I joined a video making contest at viddiction.com. And I won first prize of $500 for making an educational or instructional video on origami. The contest that I joined was the last contest they have posted. I was just got lucky on that time. I think they were trying to promote the site using contest but did not reach the desire number of traffics going to the site and they stopped. I ended up receiving spam emails. When I checked the site back, the contest winners from the first month are no longer published. So I guess that they are not active anymore.

SmartSpace Web Page Builder Contest

I was also successful or just got lucky and be one of the top three most creative entry and got $5,000.

Writing Articles

I started writing articles in ehow last April. I made $10.66 on the first month and $11.57 on the second month for 15 articles in all. I also tried associated content, bukisa and I am now crazy with hubpages.

I think I will focus on ehow and hubpages. I have just make my hubs 2 days ago and found myself writing. This is better than blogging because, I do not need to get up early to catch good offers, I do not need to make google PR, my earnings will go on and on even if I will not write for few days or weeks and it is stress free.


ehow vs hubpages

I both created accounts for ehow and hubpages. I just wanted to see how these things work. Although you can earn online on both website but in my own observation, I earned more in ehow. In order to get paid for your articles in ehow (how to) , you need to earn at least $10 per month. They both use advertisements in order to earn. It's just that I earned more in writing articles for ehow than hubpages. I was thinking, maybe because of traffic. I earned a thousand of pageviews per month in ehow than in hubpages (less than 200 pageviews per month). I also cannot say that it was all about the topic or the kind of articles you wrote because all my articles in ehow and hubpages are related. Ahh... this is just an experiment.


Enhance Your Small Business

One common dilemma that a small business owner faces is that of how to enhance its business. Many people are using the internet as their first choice in searching for services and products. People expect a successful and progressive company to have a good looking business. When dealing with business, one should investigate first by making research, observations of related business or simply read reviews of other people who are in the business. Take your time and do not risk anything without proper planning or else it will end up to wasting you money, time, effort and energy. Find great successful business models and find out why they perform better among the rest. All these things can be achieved by writing, calling or interviewing those business owners.

A neat, precise and well planned project is a reflection on your small business. When potential customers find your project that moment is their first impression of your business. Make sure that you will engage experienced professionals and collaborate online to get project done.

Here’s an opportunity for professionals to find new clients and deliver work efficiently online. Check out Mavenlink and become a part of a talented group of professionals, enhancing your personal brand.


Worst Commercial Air Accident

Air France has told families of passengers on Flight 447 that the jetliner broke apart and they must abandon hope that anyone survived.

The plane broke apart either in the air or when it slammed into the ocean, carrying 228 people disappeared after leaving Rio de Janeiro for Paris on Sunday night.

Investigators were relying heavily on the plane's automated messages to help reconstruct what happened to the jet as it flew through towering thunderstorms. The messages detail a series of failures that end with its systems shutting down, suggesting the plane broke apart in the sky according to an aviation industry official with knowledge of the investigation.

Air France is the deadliest plane crash, and world's worst commercial air accident since 2001.


Gift Ideas: Hummingbirds Feeders

We have two lovebirds at home named Chinkee and Lovely Rita. They love each other. Chinkee is fun full of tricks and exhibitions. Two bad they are in the cage. I asked Jake, why we can not set them free. He said, the can not survive outside. They will die. Bigger birds will kill them and other wild animals. They can not find bird foods and we used to give from the store. I have tried one time to feed them with fruit and other human food but they don’t even try to taste it. I told myself, hummingbirds are lucky, they can freely free and roam around any places as far as they can. They are so cute chirping around your yard. Have you seen them? They come in different colors. One of the best way to attract them is to put hummingbird feeders outside your house and see how the number of hummingbirds grows around your house. I really enjoyed watching them with my nieces and nephews. They can't help to themselves and ran to the birds. hummingbird feeders is also one of the best gift ideas for parents, kids, teachers and special someone.

Educational Assistant Interview

I applied for an Educational Assistant last November 2008 and received a notice that I am eligible up to Level III and that they will contact me for interview. Yesterday, June 17, 2009, I was surprised to read the subject of my inbox about Request for Interview at Wilcox Elementary School on Thursday or Friday. I replied that I am available on Tuesday and Wednesday and so they set to on Tuesday at 9 a.m.

Right now, I am looking for resources for my interview.

Plastic Surgery Financing in Your Area

There are affordable plastic surgery financing in your area. A company called Medloan Finance is available to make your dreams and wishes come true when it come to breast augmentation and other cosmetic surgery procedures. This is one of the smartest deal that everyone who needs plastic surgery possible without waiting for some time for your savings to grow.

While I was reading a forum, someone posted a topic about how to avail plastic surgery financing. One of the members of the forum mentioned about LookingYourBest.com is a one place to go.


Testing Yola Website Builder

I was updating my ehow and hubpages articles. Trying to think about what to do to improve my online earnings. Yes, I have read articles on this stuffs and even tried a few. At present, I have made 22 ehow and 13 hubpages articles. I was observing how these things works. When I started writing on ehow, I still meet the required at $10 earnings per month in order for them to send money in your paypal account. So far, one of my posts on How to Take Certified Nurses Aide Test from Red Cross made me $18.73 as of today's date, while the rest on earned at most $2. Other articles never earned a penny. The highest number of views does not mean you can gain more earnings although there is a great chance of earnings.

I still have a big Question in mind : Are there any effective ways to earn good money online? Of course there are! But how can we achieved it?

By the way, I came across with yola when I was reading questions in Yahoo! Answers. Someone is asking for the best website builder and Yola is the answer. So, here I am now exploring Yola. If I will like its services, I will stay here for good.

I created a website. You can too!


Wireless Security System

During our first month of operating a very small cafe in our village, we are a victim of theft. We do not think the risk because it's just a little family business and just a step away fronting next door, we just have a dog as our alarm when barking but it's not working anyway.

Later on, I found the best wireless security system. You can find out more about the benefits of this system from Protect America. Here are just a few of the reasons to trust your home security with a GE Home Security System from Protect America:

* BEST Price in Home Security - Compare & Save!
* BEST Home Security Product in the Industry
* State-of-the-art UL Listed Security Technology
* Protect Your Home with 24/7 Security Monitoring
* Guaranteed Locked in Security Monitoring Rates
* Super Flexible Home Security Packages
* Lifetime Alarm System Replacement Parts Warranty
* Up to 20% Off Homeowners Insurance
* Peace of Mind When It Comes to Your Family & Home

They also have Home Security System Packages on how to protect your home and especially your family from any threat. I choose the Copper Package since we only have a small business, the most affordable home security package available with no up front costs and low monthly service. Information regarding home security system comparisons obtained via telephone 877-470-2751 and if you call that specific number you get 2 keychain remotes with their order.


Foundations of a Happy Marriage

Don't expect your mate to read your mind. Be a willing, open communicator. Don't ever be afraid to share your feelings (especially the good ones)...

Keep romance alive. Love notes, flowers, candy, dating, cuddling, and any unexpected acts of kindness all go a long way toward keeping the romance in any relationship. Think of ways to show you are in love, and do them.

Have a sense of humor. And have fun. Remember the things you like to do together, find some more, and then do them. Laughing and having a good time together is one of the best ways to stay happy and fulfilled.

Have an adjustable attitude. Attitude works wonders on bad days. Whether it's seeing the humor in a situation, making a change, or accepting something, attitude is one of the greatest forces in life. Always remember that you can control yours.

Love each other unconditionally and always. Love others. Love nature. Appreciate the little things; stop to enjoy a sunset or the smell of a flower. Look for the happiness and the good in life, and your life will be happy and good, too.


A Blog About Surefire Flashlight

This lights use the new compact, rugged, powerful, reliable and efficient illumination.

SureFire products feature:
Anodized Aluminum Alloy Construction
Light Output: Candlepower vs. Lumens
Xenon/Halogen Incandescent Lamps
Light-Emitting Diodes LED
HID Lamp
Electronic Power Regulation
Beam Character and Reflector Design
Tempered Pyrex® Windows With Anti-Reflective Coatings
Total Internal Reflection Lenses
Lithium Batteries
Shock Isolation and Protection

Surefire2 reflectors are designed to produce optimum beam character good for traipsing through wooden areas to explore out uncharted city when hitting the trails.


Healthy Summer Travel

If you would like to travel out, Summer is definitely not the time of the year for travel. When traveling make sure your auto air conditioning compressor enables reasonable air temperature to be achieve inside the car. It creates a healthier environment in the car for everyone, particularly for those who suffer from asthma, allergies or related health problems.

Whenever I go travel in the summer I do used high quality car AC Compressor and other AC parts. You too can now purchase and install the same high quality parts like Volkswagen ac compressor


Protect America: Wireless Home Security System

After dinner, we used to watch true to life TV shows, like Arrest & Trial, First 48 hours, FBI files etc. I always told my husband that I was amazed how the authorities (police, detectives, etc) able to solve such crimes. Of course, there are numbers of unsolved crimes all over the world. While watching those regular programs, I told myself that it is not really safe in America. All of a sudden, there might be some attacks, intruders, robbers, killers or criminals that are just around us. Our home is not safe and family is not safe. How can we protect our home from unexpected crimes?

The wireless security system from Protect America offers all the components that meet your security needs: door/window sensor, motion detector, talking wireless keypad, keychain remote control, glass break detector, low temperature sensor, overhead garage door sensor kit and much more. There are package to choose from such as: copper, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. I prefer platinum package which includes: Talking Control Panel, 20 Entry Points, Internal Siren and Door Chime, Battery Backup, One Button Arming, 3 Window Decals and 1 Yard Sign for $249.00 only from a regular price of $ 1, 295. Visit Protect America for more information. After dinner, we used to watch true to life TV shows, like Arrest & Trial, First 48 hours, FBI files etc. I always told my husband that I was amazed how the authorities (police, detectives, etc) able to solve such crimes. Of course, there are numbers of unsolved crimes all over the world. While watching those regular programs, I told myself that it is not really safe in America. All of a sudden, there might be some attacks, intruders, robbers, killers or criminals that are just around us. Our home is not safe and family is not safe. How can we protect our home from unexpected crimes?

The Wireless Home Security System from Protect America offers all the components that meet your security needs: door/window sensor, motion detector, talking wireless keypad, keychain remote control, glass break detector, low temperature sensor, overhead garage door sensor kit and much more. There are package to choose from such as: copper, bronze, silver, gold and platinum. I prefer platinum package which includes: Talking Control Panel, 20 Entry Points, Internal Siren and Door Chime, Battery Backup, One Button Arming, 3 Window Decals and 1 Yard Sign for $249.00 only from a regular price of $ 1, 295. Visit Protect America for more information or call toll free at 877-470-2751 and avail 2 keychain remotes with your order.


Going to PI

At last after 1 year, I am going back to the Land of Promise! I took 1 month vacation from work and luckily approved it. I booked ticket from Hawaiian Air and I saved 50% than taking other airline tickets. Anyways, I am happy with my decision. I can finally visit my family especially my father nieces and nephew. And most of I can be with my friends and colleagues from my previous job.

BeeWell Miles for Breast Cancer

There are so many ways to help for a cause. People donated money for all types of charity. But this time we do not need to spend a penny in order to help for who are suffering from breast cancer. BeeWell Miles will do it for us. All we need to do is to stay fit and healthy.

When I read about the BeeWell Miles from Bumble Bee foods, I told myself, “Why not?” I was already starting to do all those walks without any charitable cause– the main goal is to be healthy and loss weight. BeeWell Miles will donate 15 cents for every mile to Breast Cancer Network of Strength from April 1, 2009 to October 31, 2009 (up to $200,000 donations). You can start the program by logging in your miles in the website’s activity tool. You will also discover the calories you burn. Explore the BeeWell Miles for complete details and information.

Hubby and I are walking 3 mile walk per day routine and monthly hiking and camping activity but now we do it for a cause. I can't wait for you to join us.