What is Get Paid To (GPT)?

Are you new to Get Paid to (GPT) world? You might have tried tons of these websites. Some of us are still doing it and some stopped and hate GPT sites. Some examples of GPT sites are:
  • get paid to Click (PTC)
  • get paid to take surveys
  • get paid to try products
  • get paid to read emails
  • get paid to blog
  • get paid to write reviews
  • get paid to view and upload videos
  • get paid to write how - to articles
  • get paid to search
  • get paid to upload any contents
I have tried few of them but not successful as others. There are only few GPT sites that guaranteed earnings and no scams. I know you hate spending time in the Internet for nothing. But it happens specially if you are searching for Work at Home Jobs. The more we search, the more we try and the more read reviews, the greater the chance of achieving our goals.

Assess your self if you really like Get Paid To as your online earning options. But sometimes is also better to try to read some reviews and join forums for your favorite Pay To Click sites. Read members' success stories, strategies and proof of income. Do not believe easily as to what you read for certain sites. It's just the opinion of the author who are trying to convince you sign up under his/her referral. Use you own judgments. Read more about it and then think about it. Try to experiment and see how it works.

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ehow Experiment Updates - September 2009

I have just reached my 100th articles in 5 months. Last August I had only 62 articles. I just keep on writing and trying to figure out how to increase my earnings. At least I am now on the $56 up. Expecting for my new articles (40 in last September) to bloom. My next goal to reach at least $100 payout each month.

Below are my articles page views with its corresponding earnings (top earners).

Articles Written: 102 (Updated: 10/2/2009)
Article Views: 20,370 (Updated: 10/2/2009)