Back to School AstroBright paper and crafts

This post brought to you by Astrobrights Papers by Neenah Paper. All opinions are 100% mine.


It's Back to School again! Parents and kids are all busy shopping at the nearest mall or online stores. Finding the best deal is important so that our hard earned money will be spent wisely.
Kids love bright color papers, so don't forget to include it in your list. AstroBright paper is one of the best that papers that shines and catches attention. Whether you are doing paper crafts like letter cutting, background, tracing  animals, flowers or any object and paper folding activities. Enjoy the 23 bright colors for any kind of project at home, office and school.  
Help and support your local elementary school with "Give a Brighter Year" sweepstakes and win cash prizes and school supplies valued at $30,000. Tell your kids about this opportunity and a chance of winning these special prizes for their school! I bet they will all get excited! We already joined and listed our favorite school and we all wish for the best.
Finally, a great chance for everyone for win by participating the family-friendly "Make Something AstroBright" design challenges. Check it out and join Astrobrights on Facebook for more details. Dig the creative side your your mom, dad, sisters, brothers, aunties, uncles and even grandma and grandpa by asking them if they like paper crafts and create something cool and unique project to be submitted to Astrobright and win awesome prices! Don't forget to read contest guidelines and rules. Follow ASTROBRIGHTS on Pinterest, Twitter, etc by using the hashtag # goastrobrights

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At Kalaheo

I have not explore that whole Garden Island yet, but when I have friends livings. One of them is my best friend and they invited me over to stay for a week. It was a great opportunity for me to appreciate the nature offered in this area. They lived uphill where we can see the ocean and mountain view. Fresh air is always my favorite part plus the pleasure of the lovely flowers around the neighborhood.

There was a Chinese Restaurant, church, golf course, post office and lots more interesting place.

Another friend of mine introduced me to zumba daily. I love working out with friends. This new routine is great for my health.


ADT Alarm Systems Shepard

Dear Blog Friends.  Jack and I feel so secure since our last post to you...We got our ADT home monitoring system installed yesterday!  Its called the ADT Alarm Systems ShepardADT Everybody has heard of .  They have been in business for 130 YEARS and have everything you might want.  We got monitoring for medical emergencies as well as home invasions/burglaries.  You know our friends down the street had that horrible experience last month...I feel so much better now.  Jack says they tailored the plan to his exact budget.  

Later we may try their other cutting edge options like cell guard, two way voice and ADT Pulse.  Jack says that last one will allow us to SEE INSIDE AND OUTSIDE our house from anywhere at any time no matter where in the world we are.  When we go traveling it will really give us extra peace of mind...My friend Selma Marlene-Washington also has this system...I think I feel better than when we had both German Shepard living with us...And We don't have to feed and walk ADT!  Please let us know if you try them, and how it goes for you.  We can compare notes.  


My Great Boss

I appreciate the guest post, Jamie Guy

My boss and I work really well together when it comes to making this business the best it can be. He spends a lot of time on the technical side of stuff like looking into t1 internet and dealing with accountants, while I spend a lot of time on the creative side of the business where do things like talk to vendors and think about the decor of the actual office itself. Together we make a really good team and he tells me all the time how ideas he scooped me up after my internship here. It's nice to feel like you are really appreciated where you work and I know that if I stay here for some years to come I might be able to become a partner in the business. Either way, I'm getting so much great experience that I wouldn't necessarily have gotten at this age otherwise so I'm just really thankful for this opportunity and I walked out with this awesome job. Also, having a great boss is half the battle!

Getting a Philippines Drivers License with a Hawaii License

I thought is it very hard to get a driver''s license here in Dumaguete, Philippines but I was able to get it in 5 hours! not in days, weeks and months. I remember my brother said, it took them 6 months to get there driver's license.

I showed my Hawaii Driver's License to the evaluator. She then, told me to photocopy my license and passport, then get a medical certificate. I loved that there accredited offices for the requirements nearby and I just have to walk few feet away. Of course, the waiting is not so long.

When I was done with all the requirements, I went back to the first evaluator again and then she gave me a form to fill in and I applied for Foreign Driver's License Conversion and it is not a professional one. I paid around Php 600  and got my license around 12 pm the same day!

Where is Alohagems?

alohagems is now in the Dumaguete City, Philippines. She is enjoying the city and getting familiar with this new place. She loved that there are plenty of activities here that anybody can participate or get involved with. Daily routine is essential for a good living. There is an aerobics free for public at the capitol area building every afternoon. The swimming pool is also open for public with Php 20 donation.

This is a city of gentle people. She has great neighbors that are fun to be with. She is still doing her online business and residual income activities.

If you know here, just leave a message under comment.



Guest post written by my buddy Bernardo Graham

Since I upgraded our television package at http://www.direct.tv/direct-tv-dvr.html a while back, we get all of the local news channels now. I was watching the news the other morning and drinking coffee when the weatherman was talking about a lot of snow coming our way. The talk show ( that is local) that follows the news was talking about chains on your tires and how important is was to have a good set of chains. I was so totally confused. We are Southern transplants to the valley and have never really seen a lot of snow. I certainly have never even heard of putting chains on your tires. Apparently, in some times during the season, having chains on your wheels is required by law. I decided to check into getting chains. Since I plan on driving to the mountains and doing some skiing, I have to have them. I was shocked because a “good” set of chains, even used ones costs four hundred dollars! I guess that I won’t be heading up to the mountains unless I know for sure that the roads are good and clear and that we don’t need chains!


Chemical Investment banking

Finance girls listen up...Maureen Cannon has just been made a senior part of the great chemical mergers and acquisitions firm: valencegroup.com. This is the specialized investment banking firm we wrote about last year.  Since they specialize in chemical m&a they have their ear on the very specific and specialized information, for example, the cycles, participants needs and problems better than anyone.
Last year we wrote about how the firms' independence made them a great merger and acquisitions vehicle because they avoid the natural conflict that often occurs in these  types of banking relationships.  There is never even the appearance of conflict of interest.
Maureen will be working out of the New York City office.  Their firm has its biggest office in London  and third biggest is in Shanghai.  Her past work with agricultural companies make her a natural. 
DO YOU STILL NEED A HIGH PAYING JOB?  This is a live wire company that is expanding.  They have been going for four years now and have the greatest collection of experts in their chosen specialty that one can imagine.  Combined, their top management has over one hundred and fifty years of experience in the chemicals and banking field.  The name valence refers to the point at which different chemicals may merge, change or explode.  If you want expert banking advice or a lead on a great place to work in the chemical investment banking field, visit their site:  www.valencegroup.com


Apartment for Rent in Edmonton

Hello dear blog buddies. Do we have great news for you. Our dear sister Lindamay Louisiana has just moved to EDMONTON, as we reported in our last Lindamay message. The news is that she used a great site to help her find a wonderful affordable well located apartment for rent in Edmonton. It has things arranged so easily. You can choose to click on a section of the city, say Gibbons, Ludoc or Devon and see what is available instantly. There is a simple graphic of the city map showing the twenty or so recognized sections so you can pick a place easily even IF YOU DO NOT KNOW THE CITY WELL!!!

 Lindamay told us that the site is easy to use because it can sort the available listings in many different ways...all instantly: For example you can sort by price. Or you can sort by the number of bedrooms. Or you can sort by the type of property: apartment or house...Just imagine your own home located easily.

One more thing dear bloggers: Last year our friend Geraldo Cantones used this site so successfully that he then went on to buy the house he was renting! The Company, RentEdmonton.com then got him his mortgage!!! Yes they are a full service real estate management company. They have a great reputation and we like them a lot.


Teaching Me

Thanks for the article from Glenda Hanson

There are so many people trying to teach me how to use a computer you’d think I’d be an IT expert by now. But nope, I’m just as technologically inept as I’ve ever been even though my kids, my husband and even my boss are in on the effort. I’m just much more comfortable with a pen and paper than I am working really hard to do anything else – I can’t imagine why people don’t write letters anymore and why they don’t care about how impersonal it seems to send an email. I recently stumbled ontohttp://www.tvbydirect.com/ and signed us up for DirecTV and you would have thought my husband thought I’d launched a rocketship – he was so proud of me for getting online and not asking for help you would have thought I should get a gold medal! I am not all that interested in learning anything more but at least I’m able to get online and do what I need to do to get my work done both professionally and personally.


Walgreens and Express Scripts Program

This post brought to you by Walgreens. All opinions are 100% mine.


Hey health care consumers... all of us in other words.  We have a very interesting situation to tell you about.
Express scripts is a middle man broker type of business.  They have been unwilling or unable to negotiate a new contract with our favorite pharmacy: WALGREENS.  This means that if you get your prescription medications through express scripts, You won't be able to use Walgreens for those orders.  Even if they are the best choice for you, If you have express scripts you will not be able to use then. for all the technical details you can see the official version here at Walgreens and Express Scripts.
For more on this issue you can also go to Walgreens on Twitter or Walgreens on Facebook
Here is the good news.  If your prescription drug benefit card does not say "express scripts" on it, THIS DOES NOT APPLY TO YOU.  More good news... even if you have express scripts the program WALGREENS has their Prescription Savings Club at Walgreens.  You probably know about this saving plan that costs 20 dollars for an individual and 35 dollars for a family.
ON A TEMP basis, to deal with this mean trick of the broker. Walgreens is offering the same plan at a 75 percent discount.  YES  it only cost 5 dollars for an individual and ten dollars for a family.
Your local pharmacy is , as always, the best source for up to the minute information.  Tell us you experience.

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