Old Cannon Display

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Taken at Kauai Museum during the Lei making contest last May. I also posted this in Redgage. 

Protection for Moms and Babies

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of CryoCell International. All opinions are 100% mine.

Welcome to parenthood! This is the start of an incredible journey.

Have you heard about cord blood banking? Cord blood stem cells have been used to treat nearly 80 diseases in over 12,000 transplants worldwide. Saving your baby's umbilical cord blood allows it to be cryogenically stored, and then available if your child later becomes sick.

Every year, thousands of mom’s are choosing cord blood banking as a gift to their newborn baby. Because mom’s really understand the importance of safeguarding the future health and well-being for both their newborns and for themselves. The blood that remains in baby's umbilical cord after it has been cut is called cord blood, which is rich in stem cells. These valuable cells can only be collected in the minutes after your baby's birth.

To help you along, Cryo-Cell International is offering a U-Cord service; it’s an easy, painless way to help protect you and your baby’s future health. Plus, when you enroll today at Cryo-Cell’s signature U-Cord service and for a limited-time receive a free Baby Jogger City Mini. Because Cryo-Cell knows that as a new mom, it’s hard to find time to exercise after giving birth. With the award-winning Baby Jogger City Mini stroller, new moms can work out as they enjoy time in the beautiful outdoors with their new baby.

Enroll Today online or by phone @ 800-STOR-CELL. Special promotion ends 6/30/10 at midnight EDT.

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Sea Plane in Alaska, a closer look

While strolling around Anchorage, Alaska, we came across a lake for seaplane parking. It was my first time to see a real sea plane. I only saw it on DVDs and TV programs but at that time I finally saw a sea plane live. I could not help but took this video. Hope you will watch it. 

A closer look for sea planes in Alaska for Glacier and Bear watching.


Make a Difference: Nominate a school for Free 50 laptops from Charter

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.


I was a former teacher in the Philippines. Just like any other ordinary teacher, I also dreamed and wished for a quality education in my country.

I never thought that one day I could help my school to soar high from the advancement of technology in the classroom. It was very impossible to acquire computers in any school in my country at that time. Way back 2004, some teachers and staff or even school administrators hated that idea of teaching using computers we called it Information and Communication Technology Integration. They were so pessimistic about it. One of their biggest worries was how to use it. Other feedback was where to get funds to support the project? Contribution from parents was a bad idea and nobody would spend money for that purpose.

My contribution our school and division, region and my country was started when I joined the First Philippine Innovative teachers’ leadership award and one of the 25th finalists. We were trained to mentor teachers on how to innovate and integrate ICT in the classroom. Then we went back to our respective stations and re-echoed what we have learned. With the help of the parents, community and other organization the supports ICT in education, our school received 10 computers, multimedia projector, printers, etc. Then another batch of computers came from difference sources. Before I left the school and moved to United States, they already have 30 computers with a computer laboratory and ICT learning center. Last month, I was updated by their additional computers with LCD monitors and upgraded software.

At present, I worked in one of the Elementary school here for a year now. The school have computer laboratory but some classrooms have few computers (good and bad conditions).

Yes, you are right, I nominated my school for a laptop-a-day giveaway from Charter (50 laptops to two schools). If you are interested and would like to order any of Charter Services, it will give you a chance to win and get cash back up to $300 or you can register online with no purchase. For more details and requirements visit Charter on Facebook . "Like it" and it will lead you to their site.

May be best school win!

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MV Tustumena

We took a ferry named MV Tustumena to explore the Aleutian Islands in Alaska. We departed from Homer to the Unalaska (also called Dutch Harbor). We had a cabin. It was a round trip for 8 days in all. The place was beautiful. I love the watching whales, sea birds, ocean, islands. I can not recall exactly the order of the islands (Homer, Kodiak, King Cove, Cold bay, Akutan,) I think I forgot one more Island. Hmmm...


Tofurky and Gravy Soda for my uncles and friends

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Jones Soda. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was surprised one day when I got a package of Tofurky and Gravy Soda in my mail box. The brand name reminded me of the turkey and gravy that we recently enjoyed. I was very curious as to how does it taste? Is it a sour - funny taste? I did not know. And I did not open it right away. I stored it for two months.

I went to Philippines for 3 weeks’ vacation and decided to bring the Tofurky and Gravy Soda. In my mind, I just wanted them to taste it with me. Some of my old friends visited me and I offered them a drink. We first tried the Tofurky and gravy soda. Everyone was curious. The brand name was new to them.

Cheers! Everyone who tasted it have only one facial expression with a smile in their faces and asked for more! There were thinking that I brought few more packages. I told them, how I got this drink. Nobody wanted to believe in me and thought that I still have few bottles hidden somewhere in the house. Well, they did not find anything. I only brought one. Sorry guys, I will surely bring more on my next vacation.

I will be going to the Philippines again this coming December 2010 and Tofurky and Gravy Jones Soda is already in my list to be brought as gift for my loved ones and friends.

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I signed up today and choose a sponsor and he sponsor like my tweets. Now, its live in less than 8 hours! I can't believe I already have a $1 on my first day. Find me here.

Flattop Mountain Views in Anchorage

One of the most popular trail for scenic views high above Anchorage Alaska. The hike is 3 miles round trip.

Credit: alohagems
Copyright: www.shirleys-abc.com


Best Entertainment Deals from inetvideo.com

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of iNetVideo. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was looking for some movies and fitness videos for our trip to Alaska (June 4- July 8) and found inetvideo.com. Although we subscribed for movies in a certain website and watched it directly in our computer or TV but I still felt the need to buying few DVDs. And I made the right decision. When we stayed in a hostel, we had internet access and TV, so watching entertainments was easy. After 3 days, we travelled to Homer and took the ferry to explore the Aleutian Islands. The videos that I purchased from inetvideo.com eased my boredom. I could not imagine how to live in a small cabin without some entertainment videos to watch.

The remaining weeks in our trip was spent in an RV motor home. Internet access was not always available in all camp sites and RV parks but I had few DVDs to enjoy. We also had a copy of our favorite TV series as well as blu-ray movies.

The best of it was that I got all those DVD's for less. I think this is one of the best deals. I compared it in two giant sites for buying new and old stuffs and it turned out that inetvideo.com was always the right choice. All products are affordable. Visit the mall and to the entertainment section, pick one movie and compare the price in inervideo.com. See the difference? If you like to save more, why not buy the "used" DVD's?

Lastly, don't forget to visit their blog for more information. If you are interested in any contest, they run a Monthly Blu-ray player giveaway! Enter to win!

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At Santa Claus house in North Pole, Alaska

I feel great when I visited Santa Claus House in the North Pole, Alaska.  See how Santa Claus house looks like in this video. Actually, I have few recorded videos to be uploaded soon. Visit Santa Claus and it feels like Christmas all year round. Inside the house is a gift shop. I saw letters posted in the wall from children all over the world. It was really fun inside Santa's house. 

Let NMEDA Helps you before buying a wheel chair

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of NMEDA. All opinions are 100% mine.

I was working as a Clinical Assistant and a Certified Nursing Assistant in a Long Term Care Facility in my county. I helped transporting residents for their doctor's appointments, cared for their activities in daily living and accompanied them for activities outside the facilities. I saw different kinds of wheel chairs and equipment for disabled people and how it was used by each resident that I was taking care of.
Some equipment worked well for both (the caregiver and the person). It made my job easier and safer. I saw confidence from the patient that I was helping. Transferring any of them requires cooperation of both parties. On the other hand, accidents happened during the transfer due to the equipment. I was wondering how the family chooses any equipment like wheel chairs, etc. Did they consult some experts before buying it or they bid it online or bought online without proper orientation or training?

I think that the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) is the key for a safer choice when buying any equipment for your disabled loved ones. It is a non-profit trade association that educates consumers on buying products from a NMEDA dealer. It has Quality Assurance Program dealers. They are ready to assist you for both of your needs and the disabled people needs that help them to gain back their independence.

In order to check if there are qualified NMEDA dealers near you, visit nmeda.org, look for dealer’s locator and enter your ZIP code.

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My Sketchers SHAPE UPS Review

SKECHERS Shape Ups-Trim Step fitness shoes: 1. Tone your muscles 2. Promote healthy weight loss 3. Make it easy to get in shape! Slip on sandal.
Click on 'Read More' to watch the Shape Ups Instructional video!

It's For ME!

By alohagems from Lihue, Hawaii on 3/6/2010

5out of 5
Pros: Comfortable, Durable, Breathable, Good Arch Support, Pronation Control, Cushions Impact, Stylish
Describe Yourself: Athletic, Stylish, Practical, Comfort-oriented

First day, I felt like I was walking on my bed. It was so comfortable. After a week, my heel aches but I have read that it was just some normal muscle reactions. After 2 weeks and onwards, I am getting used to it. I used it at work, gym and shopping.
I intend to use it on our trip to alaska this summer.

Originally submitted at SKECHERS


Women's Shape-up Shoes from Sketchers

Skechers Women's Shape Ups - Dash Ankle-Strap Sandal,Gaucho,9 M USSkechers Cali Women's Tone-Ups-Meow Wedge Sandal,Gaucho,8 M USSkechers Women's Tone Ups-Glamgirl Thong Sandal,Navy,9 M USSkechers Cali Women's Tone Ups-Candy Bar Thong Sandal,Silver,8 M USSkechers Women's Tone Ups-Shadow Box Thong Sandal,Slate,10 M USSkechers Women's Shape Ups - Strolling Ankle-Strap Sandal,Desert,7 M US

My Household needs On Demand

This is a Sponsored Post written by me on behalf of Charter. All opinions are 100% mine.


Each household is unique in terms of choosing intertainment programs to watch, explore, enjoy and try on. Each member has its own preferences of his or her favorite programs. When we got a TIVO in our household, we thought that we have everything we need to enjoy after dinner or lunch and holidays. Yes, for few months we did enjoy it but then, we still feel that there is something more out there. Some things to things easy and convinient and something just a click and a scroll away without the hazzle of earching for more programs to record and use.

Every morning, we need to workout , one of our favorite is "Walk at Home" videos. We spend from 30 minutes to one hour for this. Sometimes, we felt boring to play the same workout videos everyday. With On Demand menu, there are always awesome workout videos to choose from. I was excited to try some new styles every day until I found the perfect workout video for my household. Of course, we can always change anytime and look for a better one. We all loved to try something new and interesting.

Watching all kinds of News from local, national and International is one of my family's favorite thing to do everyday. With On Demand, local news is not only limited to one station as well as national and International News. We all love comedy shows, and movies. Did I mentioned about American Idol and America's Got Talent? I don't want to miss any episodes.

By the way, On Demand home page is just a click away and You will ‘Like’ their Facebook page as well.

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How to Get a CNA Job Without Experience

Health care jobs are in demand nowadays and the pay is higher and Certified Nursing Aide (CNA) is one.
What is exactly the work of a CNA? Most CNAs' work in a Long Term Care Facility, in a Nursing Home, Day Care, Home Care etc. They are taking care of the seniors. Helping them and caring for them with their Activities of Daily Livings (ADL). You will be assigned to work in either, day shift, night shift or evening shift. And you should be flexible with your time.

1. Apply for a care assistant or nursing assistant to the nearest Long Term Care Facility in your area. This position does not require any certificate but there are guidelines, rules and restrictions set by the facility management to be follow.

2. Perform your duties and responsibilities well. The administrative staffs are monitoring your performance and skills if you are doing good. They will ask any of your co - workers, floor managers and supervisor about your ability in doing your assigned responsibilities.

3. Accept any offers of Certified Nurses Aide training course program administered by your facility. They are likely to offer several training program in a year because they wanted to have highly qualified nursing professionals to take care of the residents. This course is free and you get paid regularly even if you are not working but you need to sign the contract or agreement for this purpose. You might serve certain months or years or else you need to pay for refunds.

4. Attend classes regularly and aim to pass the Red Cross Examination in order to be certified. Of course, the facility will hire you as a CNA even you have no previous job experience.

Resource Links:

Things You Should Know About CNA Jobs